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About Ethical Tissue

Our services

We provide a wide variety of biosamples from ethically approved sources including healthy volunteers, recently deceased, and surplus therapeutic intervention.

We also have access to the rarer types of tissue, such as healthy brains, hearts and blood vessels, and our wide network of healthy volunteers means we can support researchers with requests for normal tissue samples.

Other services:

  • On-site healthy volunteer consent and samples in academia and industry
  • Support for NRES Approval and HTA Licensing Applications in the UK

Our facility

The bio-repository of Ethical Tissue is located in a Class 2 facility (positive air pressure) with electronic locking and key card entry allowing access only to specific employees of the University.  

The -800C freezers have defined sub-compartments to aid traceability of stored tissues. There is a robust system of backup in the event of failure in the storage area and contingency plans in place.

All samples are appropriately stored according to the relevant standard operating procedures using fully maintained and monitored equipment.

Viable primary cells are stored in liquid nitrogen dewars (vacuum insulated containers).

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Tel: +44 (0)1274 235818

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Ethical Tissue
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