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Face-to-face and cascade training

We deliver a range of training courses, from a one day foundation level course to a three day intermediate level course. These person-centred care training courses will help you to understand and support the experiences of people living with dementia and can be delivered as face to face training or as a cascade training package.

We recommend that all of our bespoke training packages begin with our one day introduction to person-centred care. Additional training courses that can be added onto our one day person-centred care course to create a bespoke package of dementia care training.

If there is a topic that you would like training on that we have not listed, please contact us to discuss the development of a course to suit your needs. Our team has a wide range of clinical and academic practice and experience that can be drawn on to develop a tailor-made course.

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Bespoke training options

Providing the basics on person-centred care, this course is run over either 1 or 3 days. The 1 day course helps learners to feel more confident about supporting people living with dementia in a care environment, while the 3 day course expands understanding on practice change and decision making.

This one day study day uses an enriched model of dementia care to support care staff to develop person centred plans for people centred care plans for people living with dementia in formal care and domiciliary settings.

There are two strands to this course, both conducted separately over half a day: the social environment and the physical environment. The course looks at how these factors can support the embedding of person centred care.

This one day course focusses on how we can support people living with dementia, their families and supporters in decision making, and why it is important in the context of the care setting.

This half day course is designed to help care workers to support families and friends of people living with dementia, and build positive relationships.

This half day course is designed to give care workers an intermediate level of knowledge about how to communicate with people who are living with dementia.

This one day course is designed to promote effective communication with people who are experiencing communication difficulties. It is relevant for people working in all care settings.

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If you would like to book a place on this course or would like further information, including next available dates, please email