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Alumni reunions are great for reconnecting with former classmates, remembering the past, and re-energising your relationship with the University of Bradford.

The Alumni Team are happy to help support volunteers who wish to organise a reunion, by offering advice and guidance based on best practice and past experiences and can provide ideas on where to start and what to consider. Contact the Alumni Team by emailing

Upcoming reunions

Overviews of upcoming reunion events taking place at the University are listed below. 

Class of 1983

Class of 1983 40th Year Reunion

Optometry course 

Sunday 30th April 2023


University of Bradford Campus

If you would like more details on any of the upcoming reunions listed above, please get in contact with the Alumni Office.

Past Reunions 

Take a look at some of past reunions which have taken place at the University of Bradford. 

On 11 October 2022, a group of Civil Engineering alumni from the class of 1968 returned to campus to reminisce about their student days in Bradford. The group of eight alumni reconnected for the first time after 54 years of no contact. They shared their fond memories and reminisced on how it was nice to see the old Richmond Building that they were familiar with and how it has now extended.

"We all departed feeling very satisfied with the whole day. This would not have been possible without the wonderful help and organisation of Zakar and the excellent guidance from Professors Mustapha and Therese and student ambassador Awaba. A big thank you to all. The day was well organised, without becoming too formal and we were accompanied by very knowledgeable people who could answer our questions with understanding and insight." - David (CEng, 1968).

On the 19 and 20 November 2022, a group of Civil and Structural Engineering graduates from the Class of 1975 returned to Bradford. The group had kept in contact and had met up on many occasions over the years. However, this was the first time the group had been given the opportunity to visit the University of Bradford Richmond Building and the Chesham Building.

The group of classmates received a tour from Mark Wrigley, Engineering Team Leader, who showed them the original contract for the construction of the Chesham Building and the site diary. 

"We are very grateful to Mark for giving us his time on a Saturday afternoon, and taking the trouble to dig out the original construction documents. We got so much more out of our visit because of this."

"50 years of friendship was too important a milestone in our lives not to celebrate, and with the great support and assistance of the Alumni Office we celebrated in style. Our group came together for a weekend of reminiscence which was perfectly curated by team." Tony Pensom, BA Modern Languages 1974

Organising your own reunion

Although reunions are essentially reliant on volunteer interest and ownership, the Alumni Team can help to make things easier for you. We can offer advice and guidance based on best practice and past experiences and can provide ideas on where to start and what to consider.

The Alumni Team can help by:

  • Offering advice and expertise to help you plan and devise a format your event
  • Promoting your reunion on the alumni website and via other channels of communication
  • Sending invitations on your behalf to old classmates and friends
  • Coordinating staff and faculty involvement in your event
  • Processing bookings, registrations and payments for your event
  • Sourcing archived materials such as prospectus', graduation brochures and magazines.

Getting Started

Reunion events are essentially alumni-driven and it will be helpful to establish an organising committee by asking some of your fellow alumni to get involved in the planning of your event. Once you have a few interested volunteers, contact the Alumni Office to share your ideas and discuss the planning process.

There are certain things that you will need to consider at the very beginning of the planning stage of your event.

WHEN - Choose a date for your reunion

Allow plenty of time to plan, organise and make arrangements for your event. It’s recommended that you start planning your reunion at least 6 months prior to the date. Ensure you have considered public andschool-holidays and high profile events and occasions to avoid any clashes.

WHERE - Choose a location or venue

Many alumni choose to hold their reunion events at the Bradford campus as it allows participants to revisit the University and the place(s) they spent their time together as students. However some reunions may take place off-campus at venues such as a bar, restaurant or somewhere central to where alumni are now locatedsuch as in another city or town.

WHO - Identify who you'd like to invite

Who do you wish to reunite with? Is it a specific class or year group, members of a club/society or your old house mates? How many people do you envisage attending the reunion? Do you plan to invite just alumni or their partners/families as well?

HOW & WHY - Select a format for your event

What is the purpose of your event? Do you want to celebrate something in particular such as a landmark or anniversary or do you just simply wish to organise a social get-together? There is no standard reunion format and you should plan an event you feel will be appropriate and reflective of your group. You might decide to organise a formal dinner gathering or a more casual tour and drinks and networking reception. 

COST - managing budgets and collecting payments

You need to consider the overall cost of your event and how you plan to cover this (i.e. do you plan to divide the cost amongst participants?). Work out a simple budget for your event taking into account any fixed expenses you are likely to incur (i.e. accommodation, catering, room hire, travel etc). 

Get in touch

If you'd like to discuss hosting a potential alumni reunion, or want to find out if your class already has a reunion planned, get in touch with the alumni team.