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Alumni ambassadors

Are you a Graduate of the University of Bradford? Are you interested in engaging more with the University and collaborating with us? Our ever-growing Alumni Ambassador network is better connecting our 145,000+ strong alumni community and providing opportunities for Bradford Graduates to maintain their connection or reconnect with the University in meaningful ways.

We are looking for enthusiastic alumni who are not only passionate about the University of Bradford but are also proactive, creative, and willing to promote the University and support key activities linked to brand promotion, student recruitment and alumni engagement.

We appreciate that our Bradford Graduates lead busy lives with limited spare time, however, the role of Alumni Ambassador doesn't demand a lot of time and offers a great opportunity to make a significant contribution and give back to the University in a rewarding and fulfilling way.

What do Alumni ambassadors do?

Alumni Ambassadors serve as key contacts and advocates of the University. Ambassadors help to raise the profile of the University, promote Bradford programmes and help to lead alumni engagement activity in their city or country. The role of comprises a range of activity which can be broadly categorised into four areas;

  • Promoting the University to others in their personal, professional and online networks
  • Offering information, advice and guidance to prospective / current students and alumni
  • Supporting the work of key offices and personnel of the University
  • Supporting the growth of alumni engagement activity in their city or country of residence

To find out more or to request a full job description, please email To express your interest in becoming an ambassador, please scroll to the bottom of this page.

Become an ambassador

If you're interested in becoming an Alumni Ambassador, and would like to express your interest to the Alumni Team, please complete the form at the link below.

What are the benefits for ambassadors?

Alumni Ambassadors stand to benefit in a number of ways. Some of the obvious benefits include:  

  • Exposure to a range of opportunities and experiences supporting your personal and professional development
  • Satisfaction from playing an active role in supporting your University
  • Access to online resources and services at the University
  • Access to a range of excellent networking opportunities
  • Developing a variety of skills and competencies

What you will receive when you become an Alumni ambassador:

  • Official University of Bradford email address
  • Welcome pack and training material
  • Certificate of recognition
  • University of Bradford gift
  • Exclusive Alumni Ambassador pin badge
  • Opportunities to liaise with the Alumni Office and other senior University staff

Meet our Ambassadors

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below some answers for questions you may have regarding the Alumni Ambassador programme:

Will I be paid as an Alumni Ambassador?

The position of an Alumni Ambassador is voluntary and not a paid position. Of course, the time our Alumni Ambassador community gives to us is greatly appreciated and we will seek to show our appreciation significantly where and when possible.

How much time will I be expected to give to the Alumni Ambassador role?

We advise that the role of Alumni Ambassadors should on average translate to a minimum 2hrs per month of activity. This can vary, however, depending on the type of activity; for example, if an Alumni Ambassador volunteers to attend a recruitment fair they may dedicate 4-6hrs at the recruitment fair. Please, therefore, consider your availability before deciding whether to apply.

Could I ask for a Reference for my role as an Alumni Ambassador?

Yes, we would have to look at any reference request on a case by case basis and look at what each Alumni Ambassador has done individually but if there was a good reason for us to provide a reliable reference we could do so.

Does this position mean I am a University of Bradford staff member? 

Although you are not officially a contracted University of Bradford staff member, you will be acting as an official Ambassador for the University, signified by your official University business cards and email.

How will the University of Bradford support me as an Alumni Ambassador?

Alumni Ambassadors will be given an induction and training material. You will also have direct contact with the Alumni Office and can communicate with us through email, Skype and an Alumni Ambassador Whatsapp group. Also, dependant on your country of domicile, we may put you in contact with your specific University of Bradford Regional Manager, so you can potentially meet with our international staff in your country and discuss collaborative opportunities. Through the Alumni Office, we can look to support any requests you may have to reconnect and engage with the University.

How long does it take for my application to be reviewed and for a decision to be made regarding my appointment?

Once we have received your application we will confirm if your application has been successful or unsuccessful within three working days.

What happens after I have been appointed as an Alumni Ambassador?

After your successful appointment, the Alumni Office will work with you to set up your basic starter kit comprising training materials, email address and welcome pack. You will also take part in an introductory meeting, with members of the Alumni Office Team and other colleagues within the University, at which you can share your ideas.