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Winona, an MPhysio Sport and Exercise Medicine student.


MPhysio Sport and Exercise Medicine

The skills I need

“I decided some time ago that I was interested in a career in physiotherapy. I also had ambitions to study abroad - so I thought about how I could combine the two.

“Physiotherapy is a competitive field in Hong Kong, and it can be difficult to get a job immediately after graduation.

"Although I am only going into my second year, the MPhysio Sport course at Bradford has already made me feel confident that I will leave with the essential skills needed for my career path."

Winona Man, MPhysio Sport and Exercise Medicine

In my home country of Hong Kong, the UK has an excellent reputation for top-class universities, and the MPhysio Sport and Exercise Medicine programme at the University of Bradford has a high course ranking.

Helping me on my journey

“The International Student Support Team helped me from the very beginning. Even before I arrived in the UK they advised me on my travel arrangements, arranged my campus accommodation at The Green and told me what to expect during Freshers Week. I also joined the University’s airport pick up service, so there was someone from the team waiting to meet me when I stepped off the plane, which was a lovely welcome after such a long journey.

“The University Language Centre has been a valuable facility for me. I had a strong understanding of English before I arrived in the UK but the Language Centre has helped me with other needs such as writing and grammar. There’s a timetable of classes available, so I have been able to choose which areas I need the most support in. The staff have also helped me with my assignments, and have worked with me to correct and improve my papers before submitting them to the course tutors."

Winona Man, crossover with airport team

Discovering a new culture

“I’ve enjoyed meeting people from different countries and backgrounds but I find the British culture the most fascinating - there’s lots of music, TV shows and movies that I like, and I’ve loved understanding British slang. I’ve come across so many new words and phrases such as ‘Tom, Dick and Harry’ and ‘chuffed’ and they make up a huge part of conversation, both socially and in the classroom! It’s very entertaining and using slang has actually helped me become a better English speaker.

“Hong Kong is very academically-minded. The culture is very focused on exams, it can be quite stressful and many students don’t join clubs or do activities outside of studying. But I have really enjoyed the experience of joining many clubs and societies; my favourites being the dance club and the frisbee club. Both are very popular and joining has been a great way to meet like-minded friends, and it’s the best way to feel involved with the university."

I have access to great facilities, including a movement laboratory which many universities don't have, and I have the opportunity to get practical experience in the Faculty's onsite Physiotherapy Clinic.

A home away from home

“There are lots of similarities between the UK and Hong Kong - especially the education system - and this has helped me settle into university life very quickly. There’s also quite a large community of international students at Bradford, so I have been lucky to meet new friends from Hong Kong, Spain and Iraq. In many ways, it has felt like a 'home away from home'.

“Some young people thinking of studying in the UK may worry about making new friends or meeting new people, and how. To be honest, I would say it’s harder not to make friends then it is to make friends. Many things are new: the country, the culture, the surroundings but here at Bradford, the Support Team works closely with all international students to make sure they don’t feel isolated from the university community."

Winona Man, MPhysio Sport and Exercise Medicine