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Large University of Bradford sign and the Horton Building on a sunny day.


BA (Hons) Social Work

Meet Hannah

  • Previously spent time in care
  • Decided she wanted to study at university after attending an open day
  • Has been impressed by the support on offer at the University of Bradford
  • Has developed her understanding of what her future career will look like
Hannah Khan, BA (Hons) Social Work

Tell us a bit about your journey to studying at Bradford

"After receiving my GCSE grades, I went on to study Level 3 Health and Social Care at Shipley College. After two years of studying and then completing the qualification, I applied to study BA Social Work.

"I didn’t always expect to study at university and I was ready to start an apprenticeship as a full-time teaching assistant after school. However, I went to open days and spoke to the people that really cared about me and it made me decide that I wanted to go to university! By the time I finished college, I knew that I wanted to start a degree in Social Work."

How have you found the experience of studying at Bradford?

"My experience has been positive and to be on the path to getting a degree in the career I want is truly amazing as I never thought it was something I could do. I have enjoyed my lectures, meeting people from different backgrounds and joining societies.

"It has also been just as scary as it is exciting, because of how real it all is. I'm becoming more professional and getting an understanding of what my future career is going to look like and be like!"

How have you found the support that is available at the University for Care Experienced Students?

"The University have been supportive in various ways with their support package for care leavers. For example, Becky Pearson, a money advisor at the University supported me with applying for my student finance whilst I was in my last year at college and my first year at Bradford.

"The Student Life Manager was the main contact for care leavers to begin with and if there were any questions or concerns I had, he was available for help and support. At the beginning of my first year, he sent me an email to show how all the different faculty champions at the University had sent me a welcome message for any support I may need during my time here, which was very thoughtful and helpful.

"In addition to this he also told me about a Care Leavers grant which I could apply for and it was not difficult at all. Another person that supported me was student success manager Ruth Lefever, as she set up a scheme for peer mentoring. I had a recent graduate to help me when I felt in need of it."

I would advise people to speak to students and lecturers at the University about the course you want to study and find out as much as you can so that you know as much as possible before you make any final decisions. Studying at university will be the best decision you ever make, not only for your future, but because you will learn so much more than you could have possibly imagined and meet wonderful people.

What is your favourite thing about being a student at Bradford? Do you have any stand-out moments?

"My favourite thing about being a student is that I am constantly learning something different every day.

"I also get to help others when I work shifts at the University as I am in my second year of being a student ambassador. 

"One of my stand-out moments was when I joined the women’s rugby team and we won the first match of the year together. In that moment, it was like the best day in my entire life."