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Hamza, in front of the Bright Building, looking at the camera.



I was always interested in a courtroom style scenario and speaking to people in an argument's kind of basis. So, I chose law and it's really interesting and I enjoy the subject. It’s been nice so far.

Ranging topics

“In second year Law we were studying criminal law and tort law and human rights in the first semester and second semester was more to do with European Law and Brexit.

"I’ve done some experience at some small solicitors, just like shadowing solicitors and judges and stuff like that. It helps you understand how it works in a courtroom and the amount of work there actually is.

"You compare it to uni and it’s like completely different to how much work you actually have to do.

"Especially as a barrister, you’re working late hours all the time. To be honest it’s similar with uni, you’re always working late nights, independent studying, there’s a lot of that. But in the actual courtroom it’s more focused on one thing rather than Uni which is a lot broader."

Two images, one of a Bradford student standing outside and one of a student studying

Making the step up

"I've realised Uni is a lot more independent. The transition from sixth-form to Uni is massive.  

"A lecturer will give you work and if you do it, great, but if not, it’s on you.  

"It’s all about motivation. Once you get in the flow of things it’s nice. Once you start an assignment, maybe it’s hard to write the first two sentences but after that, if you get the flow, you can get through anything."

Society Opportunities

"The Law Society actually offers quite a few things, especially in terms of debating and mooting and going to London to see places like the House of Commons. They were nice places to visit, a good experience. 

"The debates organised by the Law Society were usually against people from our year group and the ones that did really well, they went to national competitions and stuff. 

"They usually give us a case study and it’s on any topic of law and we have to look through and we have two sides to the argument. You have to look through and find case studies and sit there and argue."

Hamza Khan, a Bradford student and a Moot Court image

The environment at Bradford is nice for studying. People are chilled more now but when it comes down to the crunch, everyone sits and studies together if we need too.

this is where

...I built a platform 

There’s a few things (that I'm interested in specialising in). Either medical law, so things like medical negligence where a doctors done something wrong and helping the patient to claim. Or commercial law, banking or finance, which is really nice money. If not those, then going down a criminal law, barrister route.  

Solicitors and lawyers are usually office based and sorting out paperwork and talking to people. The barristers more self-employed so they're working in the courtroom and they've usually got someone coming to them for a case. To be honest, I don’t mind either. I like talking in courtrooms, but I don’t mind sitting in an office too. I like the mix.  

London’s always a fascinating place to go, especially for Law. One of my sisters in law, she did Law and she works in Leeds but she’s always going off to Dubai and different places, so I don’t mind the travelling. The travelling sounds good. 

This is Bradford student, Hamza Khan