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Esther, BSc (Hons) Clinical Sciences


BSc (Hons) Clinical Sciences

Keeping my options open

"I chose Clinical Sciences because it's got really good links to postgraduate healthcare courses like medicine, dentistry, nursing, a lot of postgraduate stuff. 

"When I came out of college, I didn't really know what I wanted to do, so I thought if I chose a course that's broad, afterwards I could then choose what I wanted to specialise in after the degree.

"The course is very interesting. We've done loads of different things including biomed, pharmacy, medicine, biology and chemistry. It's dipping into every healthcare job that you could think of, it's really broad - which is really good.

"After coming onto the course and speaking to more people and even some graduates, there are people now doing biomedical sciences, some are working, some are doing PhD's or Master's and there are loads of other things that I didn't even consider. 

"That's a really good thing because I can then filter down to what I want to do and I have more options to choose from.

"I still have a strong preference for postgraduate medicine and Clinical Sciences gives hope to those who want to do medicine with a BTEC background."

Specialist facilities

"We have an anatomage table in the Richmond Building. It's a massive, interactive 3D table which is really long and you can go through all the human body systems and stuff like that. The course facilitates your learning and we also go to do dissections at Leeds Medical School and that really helps with our modules. We do specific things to help with specific modules.

"We’ll go to the hospital and take a patient history and that’s specifically for the PPD (Personal and Professional Development, Society and Health) module and we’ll go to Leeds Medical School for anatomy and that’s specifically for the CRR (Cardiovascular, Respiratory and Renal Systems) module.

"I feel like coming in, I had so many options to choose from but as I’ve gone through, I know that I don’t want to do chemistry postgraduate and I know that I don’t want to do pharmacy. As I go along, I am finding what I want to do - I’ve really enjoyed anatomy so I know that maybe I want to do something more anatomy based."

Clinical Sciences Anatomage Table

Building a foundation

"I didn't do A-Levels at college and the Foundation in Clinical Sciences/Medicine really did prepare me for first year.

"I feel like if I hadn't done it and had just come in from my BTEC, I may have struggled in the first year. The foundation year was a sort of A-level placeholder for me, where I got level with everyone that had done them and it really did help me put building blocks in place to go into first year and feel confident in it - I'm doing really well now, and I think it's thanks to the foundation year. 

"It gives people like me, who didn't do A-Levels, the opportunity to reach a level that I wasn't previously on."

I lived in The Green last year - it had everything. The rooms were really good and myself and all my flatmates had lots of space.

Trying something new

"I joined the Boxing Society in my first year and I've since become a social executive for them, so I host socials and things like that. 

"I hadn't done boxing before, but it was completely fine. Joining a sports club right at the beginning of the year having never done the sport before was a bit daunting, but after I started going, everybody was really friendly, really encouraging and they didn't push you to do things you didn't want to do - it was all working at your own pace.

"It was a really enjoyable experience and I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to do it. I now have friends that without boxing I'd have no link or relation to - going and meeting new people really expands your friendship circle."

Because I live so far away, I couldn't really come up much, but I did manage to come to an Open Day. I got taken on a tour round campus and saw The Green, the library, Student Central and the Richmond Building. Coming to the Open Day really helped me see that this is a really good university.

this is bradford

...this is where ideas become reality

I did always want to go to university. My parents and brother went. I didn't even know that Bradford existed, maybe until my first year of college. Now, it's like a second home, I'm really glad I came. I was never one to get homesick, but if I were to, coming to Bradford I wouldn't because there's so much going on. The University, societies and your friendship group keeps you busy so there's no time to get homesick! 

I've definitely developed as a student. I had issues with time management and prioritising work. Coming here, it's taught me the importance of time management and organising my work because with the amount you get, you can't afford not to.

During the foundation year I did struggle, but as the year went on I found more tips and advice. There are all these events going on about employability skills and that sort of thing. I feel like I'm in a much better position than last year and that if I do have problems, I can just ask my tutors and they'll give me advice as well.

My general life skills have definitely improved. I feel like I'm much better because of it and I think it makes me more employable.

Esther Aroyehun, BSc (Hons) Clinical Sciences