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Chuanxin, an Accounting and Finance student, stood in the middle of two rows of bookshelves.


BSc (Hons) Accounting and Finance

Following my dream

“In high school, it was my dream to study in the UK; to travel to a country I had only ever seen on television, to visit new places and experience new cultures. British higher education and qualifications have an impressive international reputation, and I was encouraged by teachers to progress my learning overseas and realise my ambitions both at university and afterwards.

“I completed the International Foundation Year qualification at a NCUK study centre in Suzhou, where I learnt that they partnered with the University of Bradford. I wanted to study a course relevant to the financial sector so I focused on the institutions which offered me this programme.

“NCUK was great and provided me with the perfect pathway to study abroad. It exposed me to different teaching methods, improved my communication skills which benefited my English language, challenged me to become more confident and prepared me for my journey to the UK."

Bradford really stood out for me. In particular the School of Management - which even in China carries an academic reputation as a world leading centre.

An exciting learning experience

“With a natural interest in the broader context of business and management, the module content and structure of BSc (Hons) Accounting and Finance was exactly what I was looking for. I chose to complete my studies over three years, rather than four.

“The business culture in China is very different to the UK, both commercially and culturally, and once I had considered my eligibility and submitted my application, I was really excited about the possibility of broadening my horizons and actually experiencing these differences first hand.

“The curriculum is really exciting and challenging at the same time. During my first year I struggled with the regional accents and took advantage of the peer-assisted learning scheme (PALS) which was offered to me by the University.

"It was a good support network, which was run by students in years 2 and 3, and they helped resolve issues I was having in certain complex subject areas and improved my own understanding. They were very useful sessions, and very well delivered."

Settling in

“My family and I were absolutely thrilled when I heard that my application to the University of Bradford had been successful. To have the opportunity to live in a country I had heard so much about through my high school years was quite thrilling! The visa process was really straightforward as I received assistance from NCUK and the University, and the Student Support team also kept in regular contact with me via email and phone.

“The University Student Support team again really helped me when I was arranging my accommodation and I was impressed by the student village where I lived, which is a secure, friendly and self-contained community on campus.

“It wasn’t hard to adjust to life at Bradford and its multicultural environment. I quickly became familiar with International Student Services and was a regular at the Global Café – a place for international students to meet up, be themselves and share in each other's culture. They host various social activities, and it’s a great place to meet many friends from different parts of the world and has significantly helped me to build my confidence in speaking English with other international students."

Two square images, one is a profile shot of Bradford student, Chuanxin Li and the other of the Green student accommodation

My first week at Bradford was very memorable. I was surprised to see so many international students from so many different countries.

Building my future

“I’m impressed by the library on campus and regularly use the study rooms. It is very well-stocked with the latest collection of books, an extensive eBook catalogue and magazines, and has all the resources I need to support my studies – as yet, I haven’t needed to buy a single book as they have everything I need for my course! It’s very modern and high-tech with a computer lab that allows free access to students to browse online, so I can do research and work on my papers and assignments.

“Once I’ve graduated next year, I might move away from accounting and look at career options within marketing. In my first year I added an extra module to my programme, Foundations of Marketing, and it’s given me an insight into the basic principles of marketing and how to apply this in business.

"At the moment I’m leaning towards the more creative side of my course, but there’s a lot to consider and I may try and combine the two when I’m considering career options! But until that decision needs to be made, I will continue to enjoy university life, make the most of it and take advice from as many people as possible.”

Chuanxin Li, BSc (Hons) Accounting and Finance