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Benjamin, chemical engineering student, smiling at the camera.


BEng (Hons) Chemical Engineering

Doing a placement shows you how what you’re learning translates into the real world, and gives you a better understanding of why you’re studying what you’re studying.

Commitment issues

"After I’d done my GCSEs, I decided I’d like to do something involving Maths or Chemistry. My Chemistry teacher and my mum both suggested Engineering so I had a look at all the options available. I chose Chemical Engineering because it involves a bit of everything and I don’t want to be limited at this stage – I think I have commitment issues! I’m open to all the different diverse career fields I could go into.

“I spent time studying the league tables to look at the options I had. I came to Bradford to have a look and I liked it because it’s fairly small – especially my department – which meant it felt really supportive."

Supportive environment

"Bradford has a very friendly and safe learning environment and there is a lot of focus on studying. The department is pretty small which means we all know each other – our lecturers know us personally. It’s a really supportive environment in terms of both the lecturers and colleagues. There is plenty of help available including Maths Clinic – drop-in sessions where you can get guidance with Maths and if you email your lecturer with a question, they always reply quickly. The library is good, it’s open 24 hours a day and it’s got lots of resources.

“Students often do a placement after the second year. I would like to do a year-long industrial placement because I think it makes you more employable and gives you the interpersonal skills you need for the working world. Doing a placement shows you how what you’re learning translates into the real world and gives you a better understanding of why you’re studying what you’re studying. It makes you stand out to employers once you graduate."

“I want to graduate then get into the field that I feel passionate about. I’m aiming to become an industry leader in Chemical Engineering and I would like to start my own business. With the support available and the network I have access to at Bradford I know I can branch out – it’s a great starting point for me."

this is where

...I got involved

“When I first got to the University, I didn’t know anyone so during Freshers Week I went to find out more about the clubs and societies on offer. I signed up for football, boxing, the ACS (African Caribbean Society) and a Christian Society. These clubs and societies helped me meet people in and around the University and it was one of the biggest factors of helping me to settle in - plus I find the sports a great way to destress. For a small University there are quite a lot of different societies for students to get involved with.

“London is a very fast-paced environment and the pace is slower in Bradford. I’m used to heading out at 3am or 4am in the morning and there being people around and places to go so it was a bit of a culture shock at first and took a bit of time to adjust but I’m adaptable so I got used it.

“The best thing about Bradford is it’s very cheap and student friendly. Things cost three times less than they would in London so it’s perfect for a student budget. I’ve noticed that food, travel and activities are particularly cheap and there are loads of places to get food which is great when you can’t be bothered to cook. I’ve started traveling around the area – I’ve been to Manchester and Leeds and I’m planning to explore some of the villages that I hear Yorkshire is famous for.

“If you’re thinking about applying to Bradford, what I would say is come and see the University and make your own mind up – don’t listen to the stereotypes. The city is not what people think and I’ve only had positive experiences of it. The University offers great support and societies so come and have a look for yourself.”