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Professional practice and development

At Bradford, we are committed to supporting the development of those involved in teaching and the support of learning.

Professional Practice Programme catalogue 2019-20

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Our Bradford:Fellowships Scheme, which is accredited by AdvanceHE and aligned to the UK Professional Standard Framework (UKPSF), is an innovative, accessible and sustainable model which offers a holistic, whole-career framework of professional development to enhance the quality of educational practice across the University.

B:F is structured to introduce the fundamentals of teaching and learning to postgraduates and educators new to the profession, and add progressively more scaffolding and support for senior academics seeking AdvanceHE Fellowship at D1-D4 level - Associate Fellowship to Principal Fellowship.

Integrated into the scheme are our Bradford Teaching Fellow awards, recognising excellent teaching practice and supporting entry into the prestigious National Teaching Fellow and Collaborative Award for Teaching Excellence awards.

13 members of our Physiotherapy curriculum team celebrate becoming winners of the national CATE award in 2019.

We offer three pathways through the scheme for all University educators based on their experience, from postgraduates involved in teaching/learning support activity through to senior fellows:

  • Graduate Pathway - providing a foundation for postgraduates with an interest in pursuing a learning and teaching role within Higher Education.
  • Taught Pathway - supporting participants to develop evidence-informed approaches to learning, teaching and assessment that are appropriate for and enhance the learning experiences of diverse student populations in different HE contexts.
  • Experienced Pathway - supporting participants, via a scheme mentor, to reflect on and draw evidence from their day to day practice, engaging with online resources and LTQE's Professional Practice Programme as appropriate.

While there is no obligation to be involved in teaching or learning support as a postgraduate student, postgraduates who do take on teaching responsibilities make an incredibly valuable contribution to the educational experience of our students.

Through the Bradford:Fellowships programme, the University provides a foundation for postgraduates with an interest in pursuing a learning and teaching role within Higher Education, such as a:

  • Demonstrator
  • Tutorial Assistant
  • Teaching Assistant
  • Seminar Leader
  • Assessor

Through a series of online learning activities, the Graduate Fellow pathway focus is on UKPSF Core Knowledge and will help participants gain evidence and experience towards further AdvanceHE fellowship opportunities. Completion of the Graduate Fellow pathway does not lead to AdvanceHE accreditation in itself.

When postgraduate students teach, they are members of staff, with all the rights and obligations that come with this.

Completion of the Graduate Fellow pathway is a pre-requisite for being issued with a Bradford contract.

The Bradford:Fellowships Scheme has up to 3 intakes a year, normally in January (registration deadline in November), May (registration deadline in March) and September (registration deadline in July).

Further information about the Scheme, including who is eligible to participate, what’s involved and how you can register, is available on the LTQE Intranet Site.

For further information about the Bradford:Fellowships Scheme, the University’s approach to supporting the development of those involved in teaching, or the support of learning more generally, please email the LTQE team with your query.

Managing of learning and pastoral support

As a student or member of staff at Bradford, you will come across people with the following roles:

  • Personal Academic Tutor
  • Module Leader
  • Programme Leader

LTQE works to support the training and development of these roles. We promote the academic workload model and facilitate resources and forums for the academics whose work in these roles is so valuable to the Team Bradford student experience. More information about these elements is available on our SharePoint site.

For students, Module and Programme Handbooks show who is responsible for your teaching and learning as well as the external examiner providing outside assurance. LTQE produce some behind the scenes resources to help you get the most out of your Personal Academic Tutor.

Lecture Capture Policy

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