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Collaborative learning and teaching

The University of Bradford is involved in collaborative teaching partnerships with a number of institutions, both in the UK and overseas.

Monitoring academic partnerships

We work with our partners to offer to all students registered on University of Bradford courses, wherever they are taught, comparability of academic standards and learning experience. These partnership programmes are subject to the same regulations, policies and monitoring/review processes of our other Bradford-based programmes and are overseen at faculty level by each Faculty Learning and Teaching Committee and centrally by the University’s Academic Partnerships Sub-Committee.

In addition to the standard academic monitoring, review and development processes, partnerships are also subject to the following monitoring mechanisms:

  • Partnership Visit - University of Bradford staff visit partner institutions prior to setting up and regularly thereafter. Partnership visits ensure an opportunity to assess facilities, learning resources, and partner staff on their effectiveness for University of Bradford learning.

  • Partnership Board – this Board meets at least once a year, providing a forum for the operational management of the partnership, and affords an opportunity to discuss performance, contract compliance and finance. The Partnership Board is chaired by a senior member of the University and is constituted from a small group of senior staff from the University and relevant partner institution(s). Each Partnership Board reports annually to the Academic Partnerships Sub-Committee and to the governing body of the partner institution(s).

  • Partnership Review – each partnership is subject to a formal review normally at an interval of up to five years and the format is determined by the University’s Academic Partnerships Sub-Committee based upon the nature, scale and location of the partnership. Partnership Reviews are undertaken by a panel comprising suitably qualified and experienced University staff and student representation. Partnership Reviews focus upon the development, strength and benefits of the continuing relationship and include a reassessment of the contractual arrangements and an assessment of the partner institution’s ongoing capacity to assure academic standards and provide high quality learning opportunities.

Local academic partners

International partners

Setting up or changing collaborative academic partnerships

For external enquiries regarding academic partnerships, email We are not able to respond to every inquiry, and all outside proposals will require an internal sponsor to proceed.

For University of Bradford staff interested in establishing a new or modifying an existing academic partnership, see our SharePoint site.


Setting up or changing other types of partnerships

For research partnerships, see this page.

For executive education partnerships see our Business pages.

For all other commercial and local engagement with the University, visit the Engagement and Partnerships team.

Management of Higher Education with Partners

If you require this information in an alternative format, please contact our team.