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Learning, Teaching and Quality Enhancement

LTQE, the University of Bradford academic quality and educational development service, works:

LTQE publish more information on these aims in the sections on this website and in more detail on our Intranet site (University login required).

LTQE are a flexibly working team with some members fully remote, some fully on-campus and most working blended according to commitments. When we are not working from home we can be found on D, E and F floors of the Richmond building. You can call our LTQE administrators on extension 8523 (+44 (0) 1274 238523) or email them at

Visit our Intranet page (login required) to contact the LTSE Academic Experience teams

How University of Bradford programmes are developed, monitored and reviewed

All about outside experts, independent examiners & work with professional bodies

Externally funded projects supporting learning, teaching and student experience

Durable records of Bradford modules including syllabus, outcomes and assessment

The University's academic partnerships delivering collaborative teaching

Regulations & ordinances

Rules (Regulations) and schedules (Ordinances) for University operations are hosted by the Governance office