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Postgraduate Law

This is for the rights champions

Develop specialist knowledge in your chosen legal field.

Our postgraduate law courses offer a core curriculum and a range of optional modules, allowing you to tailor your studies to suit your career aspirations. You don't need a background or undergraduate degree in law to study an LLM, meaning you can start afresh in the legal sector with no previous experience.

Our flexible LLM programmes can be studied full-time or part-time, and on-campus or by distance learning, allowing you to schedule your studies around any current commitments.

Courses in this subject

We have 32 courses in this area.


Postgraduate study can open up new possibilities and help accelerate your career.

Criminal law, entertainment law, commercial law and contract law are just a small selection of the different areas in which a law graduate can work. A law degree doesn't limit you to representing clients in court; other possible careers include:

  • barrister
  • solicitor
  • politician
  • lobbyist
  • teacher or lecturer
  • journalist or editor
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"This is where I am empowered"

Fiona came from a French civil law background and wanted to excel in her career with postgraduate study.

"I saw the University of Bradford and I felt, wow this is great. I saw a lot of students were included in everything they did. I felt like that was exciting and I would want something like that."

Our facilities

The Lady Hale Moot Court opened in 2020 and provides a mock Court for students to practise their mooting skills. The school utilises this facility to undertake simulated court proceedings and external mooting competitions.

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Postgraduate finance and funding

Postgraduate study is an investment in your future, and funding your degree has never been easier.

There are a range of options to help you cover the costs of studying, including loans and scholarships. Current and past University of Bradford students can also benefit from our Alumni Discount Scheme.

Find out more about financing your postgraduate studies:

Tuition fees cover the cost of your registration, tuition, academic supervision, assessment and examination.

Government loans of up to £12,167 are available to help cover your tuition fees and living costs while you study.

Every year the University of Bradford invests over £4m in scholarships to help students from all backgrounds. 

The government provides doctoral loans of up to £27,892 to help cover your course fees and living costs while you study.

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