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MA Peace, Conflict and Development

Momo is from Tokyo in Japan.

She has previously studied International Relations at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University and completed a year as an exchange student in Canada.

Her dream is to work for an international peace organisation like the United Nations.

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My motivation

"The movie Hotel Rwanda made me interested in studying peace.

"There was a line saying 'people who know what is happening in Rwanda through the media will keep eating their dinner, saying "ah, it's scary", but the situation will never change', or something like that.

"At that time I felt I wanted to do something about what happens in the world, not just be the person who keeps eating." 

"The University of Bradford was my choice to study peace, because it was the first university in the world to start a peace studies department.

"My undergraduate professor recommended that I apply to Bradford when I said that I wanted to study in graduate school. With his support, I'm here studying peace studies in the best environment.

"Also, I was surprised to find two alumni from this university at an NGO when I was doing an internship in Japan before I came here." 

An international environment

"I am really enjoying the high-quality lectures - the professors have huge knowledge, my classmates have a lot of experience and the learning materials are very sophisticated.

"I found the discussions with professors and classmates to be the most interesting. In Bradford's international environment, I can talk with students from many different countries.

"For example, when I prepared a presentation about African conflict, my friend from Nigeria told me about issues in her country, and their causes, from a Nigerian perspective."  

Postgraduate peace studies student Momo Suzuki smiling

The course is not only about the 'sit-down-and-listen' lectures - it's also about discussion with real voices and real experiences.

Momo Suzuki

Helping people affected by conflict

"In the future, I want to work for an international organisation such as the United Nations (UN), to help people who are affected by conflict.

"I think my experiences on this course will help me to achieve my dream to work in the UN.

"Also, to help make this dream come true, I would like to work for a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) after I graduate from the University."

There is a lot of support here at Bradford. I will use the career services offered by the University for my next adventure.

Momo Suzuki

A safe place

"Bradford turned out to be a safe place from the first day.

"When I arrived at Manchester airport, a student ambassador from the University came to pick me up. I also met another student who was using the same pick-up service, so that I could arrive safely at the accommodation with my new friends.

"When I studied abroad in Canada, I got lost while I was going to the university. I was so happy that it did not happen again here."

The back of a male student who is wearing a t-shirt with the words Airport Team

The student ambassador that picked us up helped us to buy essentials at a cheap price. I felt totally safe and welcomed from the people here in Bradford.

Momo Suzuki

Making new friends

"The Welcome Week helped me to make new friends.

"I met many people who would study together, and we could enjoy talking with each other before the classes started.

"When the classes actually started, I found a lot of people who I knew already.

"Also, there were a lot of events, especially in the first week. I went to the party in the Students' Union so that I could meet new friends from other faculties."

"I have a best friend from another country who studies an undergraduate course. I met this student in the first week.

"Living in the University accommodation The Green also helped me to make friends. I live in a townhouse with seven people - they are all very nice.

"We went on trips, had a party - we always have fun together. Spending time with them is one of my best memories of life in Bradford."

A warm welcome for international students

"I went to the Lord Mayor's International Students' Welcome Event and I had a lot of fun.

"I wore my kimono, which is traditional Japanese clothing, and I was happy that I could show how Japanese clothes look.

"I met a lot of new people there, and I could see inside of the City Hall, which was cool.

"Above all of this, I was impressed by the Lord Mayor. She was really friendly - she even took a picture with me and I enjoyed talking with her at the event."


Japanese student Momo Suzuki wearing a pink kimono at the international students' welcome event

Bradford life

"I like living in Bradford because there are a lot of places to study, such as the library, Richmond Building, and the cute cafés in the town.

"I actually like just walking around the town while watching the beautiful scenery.

"There are beautiful parks too. I like Lister Park the best. It is a great place to take a walk, especially when it's sunny."

"I like going to the Wetherspoons with friends as well. I belong to the archery society, and we go to the Wetherspoons for our social every Thursday night. I enjoy eating and drinking with my teammates.

"It is easy to live here since it takes only 10 minutes to go shopping for groceries or to go to restaurants.

"I can easily take a little break from studying and go to another town such as Halifax, Manchester or London by train or bus."


I would say the library is my favourite place! And I love going to the cafés around the city centre to study - it helps me concentrate on writing the essay.

Momo Suzuki

Treasured memories, experiences, knowledge and friends

"I would definitely recommend the University of Bradford, especially to people who are interested in peace studies.

"They will be able to learn a lot from the lecturers on the course, and they will enjoy life in Bradford's international environment."

Profile image of postgraduate peace student Momo Suzuki

I want to say to people who are thinking about studying in Bradford that they will make treasured memories, experiences, knowledge and friends.

Momo Suzuki

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