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Late arrival

All students are expected to join the University at the beginning of their programme to start their studies.

If you have exceptional circumstances that mean you are unable to arrive for your first day, many of our programmes accept late arrivals and we can provide support to help you catch up on any study you have missed.

The latest arrival dates and details on how to catch up can be found below.

Late arrivals 2023-24

The late arrival dates for the 2023-24 academic year are;

  • September 2023 - Friday 20 October
  • January 2024 - Friday 16 February 

A link to information and support for each programme will be made available on this page during each enrolment period.

Recordings of central sessions from welcome week will be uploaded on the website here.

If your programme does not have a specific late arrivals link please refer to the new student FAQs for more information and advice.

Find your late arrival details below

Programme title (with link) Latest start date
Accounting and Finance BSc 20 Oct
Advanced Biomedical Engineering MSc 20 Oct
Advanced Chemical and Petroleum Engineering MSc 20 Oct
Advanced Civil and Structural Engineering MSc 20 Oct
Advanced Clinical Practitioner (Radiographic Reporting) MSc  No late arrivals permitted
Advanced Clinical Practitioner MSc  20 Oct
Advanced Mechanical Engineering MSc  20 Oct
Advanced Practice in Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution MA 20 Oct
Analytical Sciences MSc  20 Oct
Animation BSc  20 Oct
Applied Artificial Intelligence BSc  20 Oct
Applied Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics MSc 20 Oct
Archaeological Sciences MSc 20 Oct
Archaeology BSc 20 Oct
Archaeology and Identity MA 20 Oct
Architectural Engineering BEng/MEng  20 Oct
Architectural Technology BSc  20 Oct
Artificial Intelligence MSc 20 Oct
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning MSc  20 Oct
Automotive Systems Engineering MSc  20 Oct
Big Data Science and Technology MSc 20 Oct
Bioinformatics MSc 20 Oct
Biological and Medicinal Chemistry MChem  20 Oct
Biomedical Engineering BEng/MEng  20 Oct
Biomedical Science BSc  20 Oct
Business and Management BSc  20 Oct
Business Studies and Law BSc 20 Oct
Cancer Drug Discovery MRes/MSc 20 Oct
Cancer Pharmacology MRes/MSc  20 Oct
Chemical Biology MRes 20 Oct
Chemical Engineering BEng/MEng 20 Oct
Chemistry BSc  20 Oct
Chemistry MChem 20 Oct
Civil and Structural Engineering BEng/MEng 20 Oct
Clinical Sciences BSc  20 Oct
Clinical Technology BSc  20 Oct
Computer Science BSc 20 Oct
Computer Science with Artificial Intelligence MSc 20 Oct
Computer Science for Cyber Security BSc
20 Oct
Construction and Project Management MSc 20 Oct
Criminology and Criminal Behaviour BA  20 Oct
Critical Care PGC  20 Oct
Cyber Security MSc 20 Oct
Diagnostic Radiography BSc  20 Oct
Digital and Strategic Marketing MSc 20 Oct
Digital Civil Engineering MSc 20 Oct
Drug Toxicology and Safety Pharmacology MRes/MSc 20 Oct
Economics BSc  20 Oct
Economics and Finance for Development MSc 20 Oct
Engineering Management MSc 20 Oct
Enhanced Practice (Radiography) PGC  No late arrivals permitted
Film and Television Production BA  20 Oct
Film and Visual Effects Technology BSc  20 Oct
Filmmaking MA  20 Oct
Finance and Business Analytics BSc 20 Oct
Finance and Economics BSc 20 Oct
Finance and Investment MSc 20 Oct
Finance, Accounting and Management MSc 20 Oct
Financial Technology (FinTech) MSc 20 Oct
Forensic and Medical Sciences BSc  20 Oct
Forensic Archaeology and Anthropology BSc  20 Oct
Forensic Archaeology and Crime Scene Investigation MSc  20 Oct
Forensic Science BSc  20 Oct
Foundation in Clinical Science and Medicine 20 Oct
Foundation Pharmacy Practice (Multi Sector) MSc/PGD No late arrivals permitted
Foundation Year 20 Oct
Foundation Year in Engineering 20 Oct
Game Design and Development BSc  20 Oct
Graphics for Games BA 20 Oct
Healthcare Science (Life Sciences) BSc 20 Oct
Heritage and Archaeology BA  20 Oct
Human Osteology and Palaeopathology MSc  20 Oct
Human Resource Management (CIPD) MSc 20 Oct
International Accounting and Finance MSc 20 Oct
International Banking and Financial Technology Law LLM 20 Oct
International Business and Management BSc 20 Oct
International Business and Management MSc 20 Oct
International Commercial Law LLM 20 Oct
International Corporate Law and Governance LLM 20 Oct
International Development Management MA 20 Oct
International Human Rights Law and Development LLM 20 Oct
International Legal Studies LLM 20 Oct
International Relations and Security Studies MA 20 Oct
International Relations, Politics and Security Studies BA  20 Oct
Landscape Archaeology and Digital Heritage MSc  20 Oct
Law LLB 20 Oct
Law with Business and Management LLB 20 Oct
Leadership in Health and Social Care (International) MSc 20 Oct
Logistics, Data Analytics and Supply Chain Management MSc 20 Oct
Management MSc 20 Oct
Management and Business Analytics BSc 20 Oct
Marketing BSc 20 Oct
Marketing MSc 20 Oct
Master of Public Health 20 Oct
Materials Chemistry MSc  20 Oct
Mechanical Engineering BEng/MEng 20 Oct
Medical Bioscience MSc 20 Oct
Medical Imaging (all routes) MSc/PGC  No late arrivals permitted
Midwifery BSc  18 Sep
Midwifery MSc  18 Sep
MNurse (Adult/Mental Health) 15 Oct
MNurse (Child/Mental Health) 15 Oct
Molecular and Cell Biology MRes  20 Oct
MPharm No late arrivals permitted
MPhysio Sport and Exercise Medicine  No late arrivals permitted
Natural Resources and Environmental Law and Policy LLM 20 Oct
Nursing (Adult) BSc  15 Oct
Nursing (Adult) (Harrogate and District Trust) BSc  15 Oct
Nursing (Child) BSc  15 Oct
Nursing (Mental Health) BSc  15 Oct
Occupational Science MSc  No late arrivals permitted
Occupational Therapy BSc  No late arrivals permitted
Optometry BSc  No late arrivals permitted
Paramedic Science BSc  20 Oct
Peace, Conflict and Development MA 20 Oct
Peace, Resilience and Social Justice MA 20 Oct
Pharmaceutical and Cosmetic Science MSc 20 Oct
Pharmaceutical Technology MRes 20 Oct
Pharmaceutical Technology and Medicines Control MSc 20 Oct
Physician Associate MSc No late arrivals permitted
Physiology and Molecular Biology MSc 20 Oct
Physiotherapy BSc No late arrivals permitted
Postgraduate CPD Students – Optometry No late arrivals permitted
Postgraduate CPD Students – Health No late arrivals permitted
Project Planning and Management MSc 20 Oct
Psychology BSc  20 Oct
Psychology MSc  20 Oct
Psychology and Criminology BSc  20 Oct
Psychology with Counselling BSc  20 Oct
Public Health and Community Wellbeing BSc  20 Oct
Rehabilitation Studies (all routes) MSc/PGD/PGC  No late arrivals permitted
Return to Practice for Health Care Professionals No late arrivals permitted
Satellite Systems Engineering MSc  20 Oct
Skin Science and Stem Cell Biology MSc 20 Oct
Smart Grids and Power Systems MSc  20 Oct
Social Sciences Research for Healthcare MSc  20 Oct
Social Work BA  No late arrivals permitted
Social Work MA No late arrivals permitted
Social Work Integrated Degree Apprenticeship No late arrivals permitted
Sociology BA  20 Oct
Software Engineering BEng 20 Oct
Sustainable Development MSc 20 Oct
Technology and Artificial Intelligence Law LLM 20 Oct
The Psychology of Health and Wellbeing MSc  20 Oct
Undergraduate CPD Students – Health No late arrivals permitted
BA Working with Children, Young People and Families  20 Oct



Research programmes

The latest arrival dates for the coming year are below;

  • October 2023 - Friday 20 October 
  • February 2024 - Friday 23 February 
  • June 2024 - Friday 21 June 

Please contact your supervisor for more information about arriving late and how to catch up.

University of Bradford International College (UBIC) programmes

2023-24 UBIC programmes start on the dates below. The latest arrival dates are listed below each start point.

September - Monday 25 September 2023

  • IIM programmes - Monday 9 October 2023
  • IFY/IYZ/IY1 programmes - Monday 23 October 2023

January - Monday 8 January 2024

  • IIM programmes - Friday 26 January 2024
  • IFY/IYZ/IY1 programmes - Friday 2 February 2024

April - Monday 8 April 2024

  • IMM 1 Term - Friday 19 April 2024
  • IMM 2 Terms - Friday 26 April 2024

June - Monday 24 June 2024

  • IMM 1 Term - Friday 5 July 2024
  • IMM 2 Terms - Friday 12 July 2024

Please email to inform us if you are going to be late.

More information for UBIC students arriving late can be found on our canvas site, you will need to log in to see this information.