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Communications and Networks Research Unit

We have a long and established history of research in the field of telecommunications, which can be traced back to the mid '80s.

Through participation in many influential pan-European, national and industrially-funded research projects, a wealth of knowledge, experience, expertise and know-how have been gathered, ensuring that we remain at the cutting edge of research and development. In particular, we have a strong presence in the EU research community, contributing significantly to various EU Framework Programme projects in the ICT and Aeronautics and Transport areas.

Mobile and Satellite Communications Research Centre Anechoic Chamber

Research themes

  • Aeronautical Communications; 
  • Antenna, Electromagnetics and Radio Frequency Engineering; 
  • Advanced FPGA;
  • Digital Signal Processing and Imaging;
  • Internet of Things and wireless sensor networks;
  • Middleware Technologies;
  • Mobile, Wireless, Satellite Communications Networks and Applications; 
  • Networking and Performance engineering;
  • Robotics and embedded systems; 
  • Smart Grid Power Distribution and Sustainable Energy Generation. 


Measurement facilities

  • A 100 cubic meter microwave fully computerised anechoic chamber capable of providing both near field and far field measurements up to 26 GHz
  • RF / Microwave equipments including Dielectric probe measurements, Network Analysers, frequency generators, set of narrow and wide amplifiers, Power Amplifies.

Software facilities

  • Protocol adaptation and radio resource management software for heterogeneous networks
  • VHF Data Link mode 2 higher protocols layer software
  • SAW software for semantic collaboration among different IoT platforms
  • Authentication and authorisation software for heterogeneous network access control
  • High Frequency Structural Simulator (HFSS)
  • Wireless Insite
  • Advanced Design System (ADS)
  • Computer Simulation Software (CST)
  • Several hybrid computational source codes software include: MoM/FDTD and FE/FDTD and MoM/Sub-Mesh/FDTD.
Image of a computer with audio equipment

International Research Collaborations

  • Joint Innovation Laboratory of Advanced Communications and Signal Processing Technologies with Sichuan University, China
  • Virtual Telecommunications and Smart Grid Laboratory with Institute of Innovation Technology (IIT), India and North Carolina State University, USA


Communications and networks team

Contact us

Professor Fun Hu 
Tel: 01274 234151 (overseas +44 1274 234151)

Postal Address:

Professor Fun Hu
Faculty of Engineering and Informatics
Department of Biomedical and Electronics Engineering
University of Bradford