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The ENLIVEN study

About the study

The ENLIVEN study will help older people living with cognitive impairment – including dementia – to be more active and independent and experience a better quality of life through increasing their contact with the natural environment.

The ENLIVEN study is Led by Prof Linda Clare at the University of Exeter and Dr Catherine Quinn, from the Centre of Applied Dementia Studies, is a Co-Investigator on ENLIVEN. The study involves researchers at Brunel University London, University of Hertfordshire, Manchester Metropolitan University, in partnership with The Sensory Trust and Innovations in Dementia CIC.

The ENLIVEN team will work with businesses, social enterprises and third sector organisations to develop and test innovative ways of adapting services and improving accessibility, in order to address and overcome the barriers that stop people living with cognitive impairment from accessing nature-based outdoor activities.

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The study involves several workstreams

  • WS 1 Evidence gathering: In this workstream we will collect evidence from people with cognitive impairment, their families, businesses, and other organisations about engagement with the natural environment.
  • WS 2 Co-design, innovation, and implementation: In this workstream we will use the evidence identified in WS1 to generate innovative solutions that encourage changes in behaviour and adoption of products and services by businesses.
  • WS 3 Evaluation: In this workstream we will evaluate the implementation of identified initiatives.
  • WS 4 Integration, co-production of resources and dissemination: In this workstream we will focus on the development of resources.


The project is one of seven research projects funded by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) that form the UKRI Healthy Ageing Challenge, Social, Behavioural and Design Research Programme (SBDRP), which is overseen by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC).

Contact us

A project website is in development. The ENLIVEN team can be contacted on


ENLIVEN is funded through the UKRI Healthy Ageing Social, Behavioural and Design Research Programme through grant ES/VO16172/1.