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The Progression Scheme

We are committed to raising aspirations and widening access to Higher Education, ensuring high quality education is available to all individuals, regardless of background, who have the potential to succeed.

The University of Bradford Progression Scheme is designed to benefit undergraduate applicants whose personal and educational circumstances mean they could be less likely to receive an offer based on our standard entry criteria.


Our Admissions Team will take into consideration a number of contextual factors when assessing applications. Applicants from the below groups will automatically receive an offer which is the equivalent of one A Level grade (8 UCAS points) lower than our standard entry criteria:

Please note that if you are an Adult learner, from a low participation neighbourhood, a refugee/asylum seeker and/or a care leaver you will automatically be identified through information provided on the UCAS application form, so please make sure you complete all sections on your UCAS application. 

However, if you are estranged from your family, a young adult carer, from an armed forces family and/or from a Gypsy, Roma or Traveller community, we do not receive this information via UCAS. Therefore, you must provide some form of evidence (e.g. To prove you are a young adult carer, you could request a letter from school/college evidencing that you care for a parent/guardian). 

Please e-mail if you have any queries regarding providing evidence.

* You can check eligibility for the low participation neighbourhood criteria using this Office for Students postcode look-up; applicants who have a ‘Polar 4 Quintile’ result of 1 or 2, based on their postcode, will be eligible for the Progression Scheme.


Individuals who meet any of the above eight eligibility criteria have the opportunity to receive an additional 8 UCAS points* by attending an open day & completing a progression scheme workshop**.

We will monitor and track your attendance at the above events.

*In addition to the automatic 8 UCAS points deduction applicants receive if they meet the eight eligibility criteria.

**Please note you must also complete a task following the progression scheme workshop, which will be assessed. 

Open Days

We run a number of open days each year, please click to visit our open day page and find out when our next open day is.

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Outreach workshops

We run regular sessions throughout the year. 
Please click below to see our upcoming events.

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Excluded programme

Please note that the Certificate of Foundation Studies Clinical Sciences/Medicine is excluded from the progression scheme. Therefore, you can not apply a progression scheme points deduction towards an application for this programme. However, your points deduction will apply to an application for any other undergraduate programme.

Have a question?

Send your query to the progression scheme inbox:

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