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Our buildings

We have a number of sustainable buildings on campus, including the BREEAM Outstanding Bright Building and Cavendish (STEM) Building. With the majority of our campus being built in the 1950s our challenge to modernise and decarbonise our estate is being delivered through the implementation of our sustainable building specification. 

Norcroft Conference Centre - Sedum Roof

The University created its first ‘Extensive Green Roof’, consisting of low growing Sedum succulents, at our Norcroft Conference Centre. The roof, while providing a new biodiversity habitat, also reduces thermal losses by helping to insulate the building, and reduces water runoff by absorb rainwater. 

Bright Building

The Bright Building was erected in the late 2015 alongside the adjacent Ashfield Building, to provide additional incubator space for the University. It was developed and built as the physical manifestation and focal point of the Ecoversity programme.

The building, which now houses the Faculty of Management, Law and Social Sciences, was designed to the University's target driven sustainability specification, delivering the world's highest ever pre-construction BREEAM (external link) rating of 94.95% at award. The building showcases sustainable development and construction at its best and expands the University's relationship with the wider community.

Net Zero Unique Sports Centre

Following a successful bid to the Salix Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme Phase 3a in Autumn 2021, the University were successful in securing £3.3m grant funding to decarbonise our Unique Sports Centre.

Work has now started on site to install an Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP), upgrade the roof and cavity wall insulation, and install solar panels on the sports centre building with an expected completion date of March 2023.