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We provide opportunities for students and staff to get engaged in activities that promote sustainability within campus and in broader communities.  

Sustainability innovation prize fund

Achieving net zero and furthering our commitment to the UN Sustainable Development goals (UN SDGs) requires the imagination, commitment, and action, of student and staff across the University. 

What is the fund?

Have you got an idea about how the University can be more sustainable?  Do you need money to make your idea a reality? Do you like a competition? 

To give your plans a boost, the University has created a prize fund to reward staff and students who can find innovative ways of making the University more sustainable.   

You can win up to £500 to put your idea into practice – and be recognised as a sustainability champion!  

We are looking for ideas on: 

  • Carbon and energy reduction 
  • Biodiversity 
  • Waste Reduction and promotion of a circular economy 
  • Water use reduction 
  • Sustainability education and awareness 
  • Sustainable and ethical procurement 
  • Food and drink 
  • Travel and transport 
  • Service to society 
  • Any project aligned with the SDGs 

Innovations can relate to the University campus, or beyond the borders of the University to the Bradford district, or indeed wider, in keeping with the University’s ambitions to make an impact on society. 

For more information about how to enter, see the application form below.

Application for the Sustainability Innovation Prize Fund (DOCX, 56.7KB

Closing date for the second round of applications is 1st February 2023.

Beekeeping training

Are you interested in becoming a beekeeper and helping out with the University bees? We have a number of funded training positions available on the Bradford Beekeeper’s Association Long Winter course, commencing on the 9th February. If you are interested in taking part and would like to get involved with our bees, please contact Lyn Ha ( for further information. 

Sustainability Society

The University of Bradford Student Union (UBU) provides opportunities for the students to form activity groups that could represent them or any theme they want to work on. Students from the degree program for Sustainable Development registered activity group with UBU with the title Sustainability Society. The group is represented by students and organizes different activities involving students, faculty and staff. Society works to disseminate awareness regarding sustainability and practices that could bring change. Society organizes lectures, talks, visits and events that could give students a chance to participate and learn about sustainability. The membership for the society is open to all the current students. Society is supported by UBU for funding of activities if required. 

Sustainability Pledge

PSID department has set up a voluntary pledge where anyone can sign up and pledge to commit, in taking sustainability of our fragile planet seriously. You can also take this pledge


Tree Planting in Wyke

Sustainability Society took members for tree planting on Trees for Cities and Bradford Metropolitan District Council  to help create a long-lasting green space for all the community as part of the Tree for Every Child initiative. The Society collaborated with BEES Bradford to take part in the initiative. 

Students planted more than 400 trees in Wyke community Sports Village. Planting new young trees would help to increase tree canopy cover in the area, which will improve habitats for wildlife, increase natural biodiversity and support the health and wellbeing of everyone in the surrounding area. Students also brought back 8 fruit trees which were planted on campus. 

Sustainability society members planting trees in Wayke

Visit to Ilkley Moor

A trip to Ilkley Moor was arranged by the Sustainability society for its members for a scenic walk along the trail to spend time in nature and raise awareness on SDG15 as well as waste management through cleaning up during the walk (litter picking). The visit remained successful in raising awareness on waste management and the importance of Life on Land while exploring biodiversity. 

Lecture on Trade Justice and Climate Change

The discussion forum on Trade Justice and Climate Change was organised by Sustainability society and was attended by 52 students and staff and was held on 1st March 2022. The forum discussed that everyone cares deeply about injustice and likes their spending to benefit the poor farmers in the Global South but has Fairtrade been effective? How much of the share of the £2.50 we pay for coffee actually reaches the coffee farmers? Is Fairtrade conflicting with other local and global priorities? How can we rebalance the world trade to share benefits more equitably? 

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Have you got some ideas you’d like to see implemented? Are you an external stakeholder wanting to contribute? We want you to get involved!