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UK Disability History Month

Disability History Month (DHM) takes place in the UK between 16 November and 16 December. The 2023 theme was Disability, Children and Youth.

What we do for Disability History Month

At the University of Bradford, we know that we have work to do. This work needs to involve senior leaders, staff, students and external partners with and without lived experience of being disabled.

Each year we recognise Disability History Month by:

  • Honouring and celebrating the contributions that disabled people are making to our University and to wider society,
  • seeking to educate ourselves and each other on disability rights,
  • identifying and tackling barriers to inclusion.
The logo for UK Disability History Month.

Support the University offers

Support for staff

The n-able staff network has a focus on promoting disability equality and the benefits of a diverse workforce. Find out more or to join n-able please email

The Neurodivergent staff network is ND-led and aims to bring neurodivergent staff together to offer each other support based on our shared experiences. To find out more or to join n-able please email

Support for students

The Disability Service. team work with students to identify and recommend disability-related study support and reasonable adjustments.

The team can help identify barriers and challenges students may face on their course. Students can disclose a disability at any point during their admission or studies with us. Students will need to provide evidence about their disability.

Adjustments are identified based on a discussion with the student and the evidence provided. The adjustments will be listed in a document called the Learner Support Plan. We can also support UK students, to obtain external support through the government's non-means tested Disabled Students Allowance (DSA).