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Peer support

Peer-to-peer support

Peer-to-peer support aims to encourage students to work together and support each other in their learning community. Enabling these opportunities is a key part of our approach.

We offer a number of peer support opportunities where trained student leaders use their own experiences to offer help and guidance. They can offer support in a range of ways, including:

  • Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) - regular small group learning sessions for newer students led by higher-level students. PAL is part of the timetable and students set the topics of these sessions
  • Peer mentoring - peer mentors offer one-to-one guidance for new students. Mentors can help students adjust to university study and university life, empower them to find solutions, and help them build confidence and gain independence
  • PGR Connect -  fellow postgraduate students offer a support network and community for our researchers, aiming to foster wellbeing and a sense of belonging.

Peer Assisted Learning

What is Peer Assisted Learning (PAL)?

PAL provides course-related learning support sessions for new students. These are organised by second or third year students who have trained as PAL Leaders.  It is sometimes referred to as Peer Led Lectures or Peer Support Sessions.

How can it help me?

PAL offers support from experienced peers in your area of study in an informal and friendly space. PAL Leaders have completed their first year of study. They know what it’s like being a new student and want to help.

Students request the topics for PAL sessions to decide what they cover as a group. The PAL leaders then prepare the sessions and activities to help students better understand and explore these topics.

PAL is an informal and friendly, student-only space. It gives you the chance to ask questions about the course, explore concepts, gain key skills, prepare for assessments, or ask about university and studying more generally.


You can get personailsed support to help you get to grips with course content and to develop your learning and skills even further.

Sometimes students can feel unsure and alone in not knowing something. PAL is the place to ask any question you may have and support one-another. It's a place to try things out, make mistakes, practice and develop – all within the supportive environment of your peers.

PAL sessions can also help first year students get to know their new classmates and build a sense of community and belonging.

How do I get involved?

If your programme offers PAL then it will appear on your timetable – so just attend and engage in the sessions to make the most of them. The more you bring to the sessions, the more you stand to gain from them. Students in their second year and above can apply to become PAL leaders. If you are interested please contact the Student Experience and Success Team.

The PAL scheme has completely transformed my university experience. The opportunities it's opened up have transformed me as a person.

Leanne Hunt, Psychology BSc (Hons) graduate and Peer Support Advisor

Peer mentoring

What is peer mentoring?

Peer mentoring offers one-to-one guidance and support for students, provided by trained peer mentors who are either currently studying or recently graduated from the University.

How can it help me?

Peer mentors can use their previous experience as students to help you adjust to university study and student life.

They can also signpost or refer you to the most appropriate university service as needed.

Over a series of one-to-one sessions, the student and their mentor will work together to find solutions and develop the student to build their self-confidence and gain independence.

How do I get involved?

If Peer Mentoring is currently on offer to you/your programme, you'll be made aware of this just before or during your induction.

Students who are interested in becoming a peer mentor can contact Ruth Lefever for more information.



As mentors, we're hoping to put into perspective that university doesn't necessarily need to be difficult, you're not on your own, you have support and you are very much capable.

Asim Hussain, LLB Law graduate and Peer Mentor

Through PGR Connect I have been able to share my experiences with fellow researchers and I’ve made supportive connections – they’ve really helped me through the ups and downs away from my academic responsibilities.

Olushola Adeborode Kolawole, PhD Operations and Information Management

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