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PhD Operations and Information Management

  • From Ondo, Nigeria
  • Final year postgraduate research student at Bradford
  • Has previously studied a Master's degree in Edinburgh

Study abroad experience

"My first study abroad experience was some years ago in Edinburgh, where I completed my Master's programme, and it greatly influenced my academic and career goals.

"Every student’s plan will be different depending on university requirements and policies, but the next steps of completing my University application for Bradford and applying for a visa were very straight forward."

The University of Bradford has been a fantastic place to complete a PhD and everyone has been so welcoming.

Support and supervision

"When you jump into a PhD abroad, there is so much to get used to: a new culture, different teaching methods, challenging accents, and overall lifestyle.

"Even before I arrived, I was really supported by the International Student Team - it was reassuring to receive guidance from the start. I’m continually comforted that the help is always there if I need it."

“The most important factor which attracted me to Bradford was having the right supervisor to guide me for the duration of the research project.

"I was very fortunate to meet someone in my field who was willing to supervise me, and my experience of working with her and other faculty members has been excellent."

I have been so lucky to be surrounded by people who are so patient, supportive, and generous with their time.

So many opportunities

“The University offers so many opportunities to help you succeed in your research and one valuable aspect of this is PGR Connect – a confidential peer-support network for post-graduate researchers. This is such a fantastic resource and I was introduced to the group in my third year.

"Completing a PhD can be lonely and isolating at times, and I soon learned that there were others in the same position as me. Through PGR Connect I have been able to share my experiences with fellow researchers and I’ve made supportive connections – they’ve really helped me through the ups and downs away from my academic responsibilities."

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Feeling at home

“Living in Bradford as a student is great value for money and less expensive compared to other cities I have visited – especially Edinburgh where I studied before!

"I think Bradford must be one of the cheapest places to eat, drink and live and I’m feeling settled and very much at home. There’s an African food store close to the University, which feels familiar and sells everything I need, so I’ve even been able to prepare traditional meals for myself."

A unique city

“Just like so many other places, the culture at Bradford is what makes the city unique.

"It was easy to adapt and the people I have met have been superb - I’ve been delighted to meet so many other international students.

"I also joined the Student Union, which has so much to offer and has been another great way to get to know my peers outside of study and research."

“The Student Union got me involved in some fun socials and helped me join in many new activities, and I’m now a regular at the gym on campus – which is encouraging!

"I usually go along with friends, but there are so many other sports clubs and societies if I want to discover something different."

What's next?

“As I’m reaching the end of my PhD, I’ve started to think about how I’m going to use my research and what I might do next.

"I’m open to new experiences but I’m also considering extending my stay in Bradford and seeing what lecturing opportunities may be available.

"The University has a strong academic reputation for my chosen subject area; I’m also very familiar with the city and what it has to offer, I have an excellent relationship with tutors and a wide network of contacts."

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I can only reflect positively on my time here, so I might stay for just a little bit longer!

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