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I quote Isaac Newton: 'People build too many walls and not enough bridges' - so we will build more bridges, and cross them! Our Science Bridges China programme has become people bridges, achieving a great community. Prof Phil Coates

Prof Phil Coates won Highest Scientific Award in China

In January 2018, Professor Phil Coates has been recognised with China‚Äôs highest award for a foreign scientist, one of only 6 British winners of the award in history. He received the International Science & Technology Cooperation Award from President Xi Jinping in a ceremony held in the Great Hall of the People, Beijing.

Read the full press release.


Phil won China Award 2018

Tian Fu Friendship Award 2015

Prof Phil Coates won Sichuan province's Tian Fu Friendship Award in 2015.

Sichuan Province Science and Technology Progress Award 2015

Prof Phil Coates won Sichuan province's Science and Technology Progress Award in International Scientific Co-operation in 2016.

Vice-Chancellors Outstanding Achievement Awards 2015

Bradford Science Bridges China team won the VC's Outstanding Achivement Award 2015 for its "A decade of strategic partnership with China - Outstanding Achievement".

Yorkshire & Humberside China Award - Best Education 2009

Bradford's China team won Yorkshire & Humberside China Award - Best Education in 2009.