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High performance computing

High performance computing - 10X more powerful than your desktop computer

High Performance Computing (HPC) is the best platform to accommodate large memory and parallel processing applications. HPC provides over 10 times the capacity available on a typical desktop workstation, allowing otherwise impossible calculations to be carried out.  

With most global research becoming computational in some way, our cluster at the University of Bradford offers a HPC Service that significantly streamlines largescale numerical modelling, machine learning and big data. From researchers to business enterprise, the HPC Service enables health data analytics, digital reconstruction of cultural heritage after conflict or disaster, and expansive archaeological initiatives as well as serving up user friendly platforms to lower the technical bar of entry to HPC.

Capability Overview

  • 300 processors in total with 1500 gigabytes of memory
  • Up to 40 closely coupled processing cores working on the same data
  • 4 Graphics Processing Units configured for specialised calculations such as machine learning
  • 70 Terabytes of storage
  • Expandable in response to future needs

With a diverse range of benefits, HPC is providing global solutions in processing data surrounding diseases, antibiotics, quantum physics and finance, to name just a few industries.

Our innovators are already using the Bradford HPC Service to accelerate their work, contact us to find out how to join them.