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  • Won Africa's Most Influential Women in Civil Society and Government award
  • Worked with the United Nations Democracy Fund
  • Won the Fortune/Goldman Sachs Global Women Leaders Award
  • Is a Rotarian, Rotary Action Group for Peace
  • Hopes to promote peace building with young people and women

Why did you decide to study at the University of Bradford?

I chose Bradford for several reasons. I looked at different universities and Bradford was ranked one of the best for Peace Studies.

I also liked the environment here, I had the option to study in London but I wanted the opportunity to focus on my studies in a quieter city.

I like the diversity in Bradford, in terms of people, cultures and religions. There's a lot of halal restaurants and supermarkets and local Mosques I can visit.

Why did you want to study MA Peace, Conflict and Development?

Over the past seven years I have been doing development work, working in girls' education, mentorship, women's leadership and peace building in East Africa – including Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania.

I really wanted to gain theoretical knowledge because there's currently a mismatch between theory and practice. By knowing this theory, I will be able to apply it better.

What has been your favourite aspect of studying at Bradford so far?

It has to be meeting a lot of people with a lot of diversity. I have engaged in activities outside of my studies which has allowed me to network with people who share similar interests to me.

We have a Peace Society which is really vibrant. I'm also a member of the Islamic Society which has helped me connect with people from my faith, and as a Rotarian, I've also visited some Rotary clubs in the area.

I've settled in and I've made a few friends who are really good friends, we have different interests and that brings us together. It's very interesting when you don't focus on the academic aspects of studying too much, it's about balance.

Rehmah talking

Have you found time to get involved with any volunteering opportunities?

I'm looking to mentor people around me, it's a powerful development tool for young people. I can offer them advice, help them write a CV, prepare for an interview and even help them to discover who they are and what they want in life.

How did you fund your studies?

I received the Global Scholarship, when I was told about how many people applied for it, it gave me an affirmation to know that I am strong and competitive enough to receive it. The scholarship has allowed me to be able to focus completely on my studies.

What are your plans for the future?

Before I came here I was doing work with several international organisations, including the United Nations Democracy Fund, and I want to go back to that. I’m going to focus on projects that build and promote peace to address issues such as gender-based violence.

As a Peace-Builder and Global Ambassador for “Let Girls Learn”, I also want to focus on peace building for young people by introducing peace studies into education systems. I really want to work with different governments to see how we can integrate peace studies into global education.

Using the skills, knowledge and networks from Bradford, I'm going to engage with policy makers in Africa to engender national development strategies.

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