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MA Peace, Conflict and Development (Rotary)

Jeeyoung is from Seoul in Korea. Growing up in the Korean peninsula, she found international relations and affairs fascinating.

She has previously studied in Canada, receiving a Bachelor’s degree in political science and international relations at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.

This is her story:

Combining my knowledge and expertise

What inspired you to study a Master’s in Peace, Conflict and Development?

"I have always been interested in international relations and humanitarian issues. My passion for the field was reignited after my experiences in Vietnam and Rwanda, where I was able to work with multiple stakeholders and local communities in managing international development projects.

"Given the years of work behind me, I believed it was the right time to pursue a Master's degree that would combine my expertise from the field with academic knowledge."

Why did you choose to study at Bradford?

"I chose the University of Bradford because of its prestigious Department of Peace Studies, the first one in England and one of the largest in the world. It's been leading the charts in research and academic performance, thanks to the renowned Faculty and quality of teaching staff.

"This programme seemed like a great fit for me due to its strong focus on both academia and field work. The University also has an illustrious alumni network, which contributed to my decision to choose this programme."

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While researching the programme, I found this course fascinating, as the concepts of peace, conflict, and development are interconnected and intertwined.

Enjoyable, inspiring and thought-provoking

How do you think this course will help you achieve your personal and career goals?

"I believe my experience in Bradford has allowed me to develop the skills and capacities I need to reach my full potential as an agent of peace. It will broaden my perspective and encourage me to work hard to find better solutions and become a valuable member of society.

"What is more, I find my classmates truly inspiring thanks to their unique backgrounds and perspectives, something I will definitely be taking with me after I graduate and that I am sure will enrich my career."

What aspects of the course have you most enjoyed so far?

"Getting to know my classmates has definitely been one of the highlights so far.

"Another highlight was the Crisis Game, an annual simulation that focuses on a prominent international humanitarian issue at the time. Each of us was assigned a specific role, and we had to use negotiation to reach a consensus and find a solution to a complex scenario. During this two-day event, I learned how to communicate effectively with allies and non-allies and negotiate with a carrot and stick." 

Learning from the experiences of my classmates and sharing group projects with such strong professionals has been highly motivating and rewarding.

Settling in during the pandemic

As an international student, how have you settled in? Do you have any favourite places?

"Arriving at Bradford right when lockdown started was a surreal and unique experience. Settling in during this time was challenging, however, I was fortunate to have my Rotary Peace Fellows around to go through these times together. Some of us even moved in together!

"With the easing of COVID restrictions, I had more opportunities to explore Bradford and the nearby cities. Yorkshire being such a wonderful region, it's hard to say I have one favourite place as there are so many great ones. So far, my favourite places are Saltaire, Ilkley and Leeds. Each time I get on the train I find myself enjoying the English countryside, new picturesque towns and, of course, fish and chips."

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The Rotary Peace Fellowship

How has the Rotary Peace Fellowship helped you?

"The Rotary Peace Fellowship is an incredible opportunity to study peace at a prestigious university and meet many inspiring fellows from all over the world.

"From applying for the scholarship to settling in Bradford, the Rotary District and Peace Centre were very supportive and helpful in guiding me in the right direction."

How were you selected to receive the funding – was it a difficult process?

"The scholarship application process, from writing essays to being interviewed, was accessible and presented no difficulties. Thankfully, I received helpful advice and warm encouragement from my Rotary District in Seoul.

"After the screening of applications and multiple interview processes with the District of 3650, I was able to secure the fellowship. Once Rotary International gave me the good news, I was able to apply to the University of Bradford, which again, was a simple and easy process. Once I was admitted to the University, my place as a Peace Fellow was confirmed."

The motto of the Rotary Foundation, Service Above Self, is personally very meaningful to me, and I consider it one of my core values.

Question harder and think harder

Do you have any advice for students who may be thinking about studying this course?

"I would recommend the programme as the Department of Peace Studies and International Development is a world-class institution, with the most inspiring professors and colleagues who will motivate you to question and think harder.

"This unique setting will help you unleash your potential and prepare for a successful career. If you want to transform yourself into who you really want to be, the University of Bradford is the right place to be."

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