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A person wearing a suit, standing in the Peace Garden on the University of Bradford campus.


MA Peace, Conflict and Development (Rotary)

Chris is a practising attorney who works for the Utah government in the United StatesHe is currently on sabbatical at the University of Bradford as a Rotary Peace Fellow, accompanied by his wife and five children.

This is his story:

Making lifelong memories

When Chris applied for the 15-month fellowship, he chose Bradford as his preferred Peace Centre to complete the Master’s programme.

He was attracted to the module content incorporating political science, development, and peace studies – all of which align with his interests and long-term goals.

Since arriving, he has fallen in love with the stunning valleys of the Yorkshire Dales and Peak District, where his family explores and makes lifelong memories together.

A person sitting on a bench and smiling at the camera with plants in the background.

An exciting and adventurous opportunity

“I was encouraged to apply for the Rotary Peace Fellowship by a friend who had completed the programme. He urged me to investigate it because of its value and focus on some of the most pressing issues around global peace.

"This was an exciting and adventurous opportunity to explore new ideas, develop skills, and get the academic knowledge and experience I needed to advance my career and incorporate a focus on peacebuilding."

Outstanding services and support

“The application process required significant preparation, but the organising body Rotary International provides an incredible amount of support at each step.

"I had a lot of questions as I prepared to travel to Bradford with my family. Fortunately, the University had a team of advisors on hand to assist and guide me through some of the most challenging logistics of our journey from America. The services and support they have provided, and continue to offer, have been outstanding.”

A person wearing a suit, sitting on a bench in the University of Bradford Peace Garden.

It’s a privilege to collaborate with the other Peace Fellows and students from all over the world, united in our mission to make the world a more peaceful place.

Chris Pieper

The Rotary Peace Fellowship

The Rotary Fellowship application and selection process requires candidates to gain endorsement from a Rotary District, and the mutual engagement continues throughout the programme.

Chris was grateful to receive the support of his Rotary District in the State of Utah. And he is delighted to partner with the District in East Anglia and work with Rotary and local communities through webinars, speaker and networking opportunities, volunteer projects and social fellowship events.

“Through the Fellowship, I have examined the theory and practice surrounding peace, conflict and development on a local and global scale. I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful people and been introduced to some exciting new connections."

A city we can call home

“The Peace Centre and its academic staff have given me a very warm welcome.

"Sharing this adventure with my wife and five children has been a rewarding and life-changing experience for us all. We instantly felt that Bradford was a city we could call home; we love exploring all the area has to offer, including the beautiful countryside, delicious foods from around the world, and being part of such a diverse and vibrant community.”

A person sitting on a bench and smiling at the camera.

A profound impact

“I’m not yet sure what form my post-fellowship life will take.

"However, I’m confident that the learning and growth of my experience at the University of Bradford will multiply the impact of any contributions I will make. It has already had, and will continue to have, a profound impact on my professional and personal development.”

A person wearing a suit, standing outside on a path in a garden.

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