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Parent and child walking through the woods.

Nursery parents and carer information

We aim to build a strong relationship and rapport with all our parents and carers, working in partnership and establishing positive communications from the onset.

Throughout the year, we have different events and dates which can be viewed at any time by accessing our online calendar.

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Parents as partners

We value our parents and carers, working in partnership with them to maintain a consistent approach within all aspects of care, between the home environment and Nursery.

Within the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework, a partnership includes 'parents, families, and practitioners working together to benefit children'. For a partnership to work well, it must be built on trust, transparency, and responsibility from all parties involved.


We endeavor to maintain thorough and consistent communications with all our families.

We use the following methods to maintain communication and to build on positive relationships:

  • Blossom App; this app system allows us to share care diaries, regular photographs and videos between home and nursery, memos, termly summative assessments, and monthly photo sheets
  • Emails and newsletters; we regularly send email updates and termly newsletters to keep everyone in the know
  • Notice board; at the entrance to the main building, check here for updates and reminders
  • Parent/Carer consultations; we plan these in termly with all parents/carers, but can also arrange additional meetings based on individual needs and requests.
  • Phone calls; in some situations, it may be more suitable for us to give you a call to discuss a change or issue that has arisen

There are lots of other ways that you can get involved with Nursery life:

  • Parent/Carer optional workshops; Literacy development, mathematical development, phonics training
  • Coffee mornings; have a brew with the management team and other parents and carers
  • Stay and play sessions; these may include, baby yoga, messy play, cooking or craft sessions
  • Parent/Carer Committee; we encourage you to join these are regular meetings with the management team to discuss upcoming events and updates, fundraising ideas, and to discuss any matters which parents bring to the agenda prior to each meeting
  • You can also like our Facebook page to see updates from the Nursery

Partnership working is a key strength of this setting. Parents are pivotal to children's learning.

Ofsted report 2019


Upon enrolment of their child at our nursery, parents will be provided with a comprehensive calendar, both of important dates and celebration/holiday dates that we observe. This will be sent via email and via our parent communication app, Blossom. If you would like a copy, please contact us on:

Policies & procedures

We have a comprehensive list of policies and procedures to ensure high quality care and learning, compliance with EYFS (2021), and all relevant legal requirements. For access to our latest policies and procedues, please contact us.