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Olympic coach launches Boxing Academy at University of Bradford


A man in a gym uniform standing in a boxing ring

Bradford Boxing Academy, previously known as Bradford Police and College Boxing Academy, has a new home at Unique Fitness at the University of Bradford, launching on Wednesday 30 November.

Offering coaching with Olympic boxing coach Mally McIver, the academy also provides boxing classes for people of all fitness levels that combine shadow-boxing, pad work, skipping and body weight exercises with boxing techniques to deliver a fun and challenging workout. The academy is supported by the University of Bradford, Bradford College and the Police Community Clubs of Great Britain. 

James Platts, Associate Director of Procurement and Commercial Services at the University of Bradford, had a personal motivation for investing and keeping the academy alive: “Boxing is more than a sport, it transcends all aspects of life and will help you succeed in any area you wish to pursue. The trainers that promote and teach the sport are much more than a sports coach; they are a counsellor, a support figure, a friend, and a role model. 

 “I know this personally as someone who trained at a boxing gym in my teens. I was struggling with the loss of a close family member and had started to struggle with temperament and my own discipline. My experience was a real life lesson, easy to access and good for the mind and body, this is why I have been an advocate for bringing the BBA to the University and continuing the great work done in the academy. By offering a new venue for the academy at our on-campus gym and sports facility, Unique Fitness, we are able to utilise our existing University estate, energy and personnel resources, in collaboration with the college and Police clubs association, to maximise the potential of the academy.”

Chris Webb, CEO of Bradford College, said: “Boxing provides students with a multitude of benefits from fitness to goal setting, discipline and focus. 

“This new home for the academy is important for its future, and we’re delighted to remain partners so that all our students can take advantage of these facilities and also the expertise of world-class coaches like Mally McIver”

Boxing can be beneficial not just from a health perspective, says Team GB and Bradford Boxing Academy coach Mally McIver: “Boxing is big in Bradford, and this community needs this boxing academy. 

Boxing is my passion. I love coaching boxers and getting them to their full potential as it teaches them all round life skills; respect, discipline, confidence, and keeps them healthy.

“I am really pleased with our new home at the University of Bradford, and the gym itself looks great. We have been running some boxing fitness classes already and it is great to see them so full - and with so many different people. We have people from all walks of life, with all different goals and experience levels using the facility. It’s great to see”