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Green Gown nomination for university's sustainability champion


Prof Prathivadi Anand

A University of Bradford professor has been named as a finalist in this year’s Green Gown awards.

Professor Prathivadi Anand, Professor in Public Policy & Sustainability in the Faculty of Management, Law & Social Sciences, will now go forward to the final on November 8.

The awards recognise exceptional sustainability initiatives undertaken by the world's universities and colleges, and promote the delivery of UN Global Goals.

Prof Anand said: “I am thrilled to be nominated and also to know that we have come to the final stage. For me, it’s all about the university - even though it’s an individual nomination, I represent a whole team of people who are passionate about changing our behaviour to be more sustainable”.

“The University of Bradford has been a pioneer in this field. Since 2005, we have been leading on this but we have now reached the steepest part of the curve. There are global forces at work, so we do our best to use our convening power to lead change, lead discussions, and publicise.”

Pictured below: Prof Anand with members of the student Sustainability Society.

Prof Anand with students

The University has spearheaded a number of initiatives linked to sustainability, including:-

Vice-Chancellor Professor Shirley Congdon, said: “The University of Bradford is one of the world’s great technology universities, providing high-quality teaching, underpinned by cutting-edge research with practical applications to solve tomorrow’s problems. We are committed to helping all our students to lead fulfilling lives, become global citizens, and make a difference to the world. This nomination proves we are serious about those commitments.”

Prof Anand is also head of the Department of Peace Studies and International Development (PSID) and is a specialist in environmental economics and public policy with a focus on the interface of urban economy, environment, and sustainability.

He has already led the delivery of significant organisational change across the institution, including the signing of the UN Sustainable Development Accords, the development of an institutional Sustainability Pledge, the creation of a Sustainable Development Programme Project Board, the formation of a successful and influential Sustainable Student Society, enhancing student and academic stakeholder status on all future sustainability related policies and procedures, and the linking of sustainability and the UN SDGs to staff PDRs.