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Scouts’ experience day ignites passion for science


West Yorkshire Scouts Gabriel Freeman (left) and George Wilkinson, taking part in an experiment in a laboratory at the University of Bradford

West Yorkshire Scouts took part in a Science Badge Day at the University

West Yorkshire Scouts took part in a range of scientific experiments during a dedicated Science Badge Day at the University of  Bradford.

It was a chance for them to get hands-on experience in a real laboratory setting.

Parent Emma Bewsher, whose son Sam took part in the event, said: “After such a challenging 18 months in the school environment with Covid restrictions and lockdown, the Science Badge Day collaboration offered by the University of Bradford has ignited my son’s passion for science.

“The day offered a welcome enrichment, which complemented the theoretical element of the school curriculum, whilst providing another opportunity for Scouts to access the University’s expertise. My son was truly inspired by the event offered to the Scout community.”

University partnership

Phil Pearson, Deputy County Commissioner Programme, West Yorkshire Scouts, said: “We are delighted to begin our partnership with University of Bradford on this exciting opportunity for our Scouts to complete their Science Badge by working with the University’s STEM ambassadors.   

“Through a partnership with the University, we hope to give young people, from a range of ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds, a taste of university life and, in that way, encourage them to seek further opportunities when they are older. We are looking forward to finding more ways in which we can work together to give fantastic opportunities to our young people and our adult leaders.”

Alastair Goldman, Dean of the Faculty of Life Sciences, said: “The University is determined to use education as a tool to improve social capital, through enhancing young people’s life chances and better jobs.  Establishing a partnership with the Scouting movement and opportunities, like the Science Badge Day, provide rich experiences and demonstrates University is an accessible opportunity for all.  We look forward to working with the Scouts in the future, helping young people to discover new things and widen the bounds of their experience.”

Prof Vishanth Weerakkody, Chair of Bradford Business and Social Enterprise Board, said: “Events like this inspire the next generation of scientists, engineers, industry leaders and professionals. We’re proud to be able to work with the Scouting movement to engage positively with youngsters and to show them how rewarding higher education can be. This goes to the core of our strategy of engaging meaningfully with the community but also echoes the University’s motto: ‘give invention light’.”