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New partnership will see University of Bradford work with over 15,000 pharmacists


Pharmacist training at University

University will be at forefront of pharmacy education and training in UK

The University of Bradford’s School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences will be at the forefront of training and education for pharmacists across the UK, thanks to a new partnership.

The alliance with Pharmacy Management will see the University quality assure and develop training programmes offered to more than 15,000 UK pharmacists across all sectors of the NHS.

Future opportunities

Associate Professor Dr Gemma Quinn said the partnership created a number of significant opportunities.

“This partnership will give us a good idea of what pharmacists want, of what sort of programmes we need to develop to cater for the pharmacy profession, and get a better understanding of their needs, both in terms of what they are dealing with now and are likely to be in the future.

“This puts us at the forefront of educational training for pharmacists in the UK, in addition to giving us a window to promote our courses for which we already have a really good reputation, both at undergraduate and postgraduate level.”

UK wide

The agreement will initially focus on progressing current Pharmacy Management plans for upskilling pharmacists and pharmacy technicians via conferences, workshops, management skills training and journals.

Chief Operating Officer of Pharmacy Management, Graham Brack, said: “We are delighted to have formed this long-term partnership with the School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences, which will further ensure that all our work continues to meet the highest educational standards.

“At this time of great opportunity for pharmacy, we also anticipate developing our relationship with the University of Bradford to provide some new and innovative learning events that will help pharmacists and pharmacy technicians achieve their full potential in the modern NHS.”

Further information

Pharmacy Management is a communications and events company working with healthcare professionals and the pharmaceutical industry. In partnership with a range of organisations, it offers clinical and management skills training opportunities. 

It produces national conferences and training programmes in all the countries of the UK, and undertakes bespoke projects across these nations.

Since 1985, it has published the Journal of Pharmacy Management, which has focused on the world of the commissioning of medicines and the creation of best practice in the delivery of medicines and pharmacy services. It also publishes the Journal of Medicines Optimisation.