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Creating a Safe Space for Mental Awareness


The University of Bradford is encouraging students to talk more openly about mental health ahead of World Mental Health Day this Sunday.

One student who feels passionate about the benefits of talking is Chukwuemeka Nwachukwu (pictured), who is studying an MSc in Applied Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics.

Chukwuemeka shares his views on mental health:

“Being open about your mental health sometimes comes with a sense of fear of how people will react. To dispel the stigma surrounding mental health, everyone must do their part and one aspect of this is talking openly about mental health.

“You should consider talking about your mental health because not talking about it can put a strain on your relationships because your loved ones may find difficult to understand your intentions and actions and also talking can help you to build a good support system.

“It is encouraging to see mental health conversation increasing among young people, but many areas need to be amplified, such as policy change, investment, and implementation. One thing which we can say for sure is that the pandemic has impacted every aspect of life with young people’s mental health critically affected.”

Chukwuemeka suggests ways students can look after their mental health:

“Students should choose one little thing to do that is personal to them, it either could be going for a walk, reading a book, playing music, or maybe taking some time to meditate. Furthermore, taking some time for yourself at one stage in your day can make a huge difference, I suggest five minutes of meditation, writing down three things that went well and performing one random act of kindness.

“As we celebrate World Mental Health Day 2021 let us make mental health care for all, let's make it a reality.”

The University’s Counselling and Mental Health Service are a multi-disciplinary team of skilled and experienced counsellors and mental health advisors who understand how mental health issues can affect student’s studies, work, and life.

The team provides a free and confidential service to all students and staff of the University of Bradford and students of Bradford College. In addition to one-to-one appointments, they offer a range of support including self-help materials and wellbeing workshops.

The service is completely independent of students’ academic studies or workplace and do not share information with staff in these areas without consent.

Most appointments are by telephone, video conference or email but face-to-face appointments are available in Student Central, 08:30-16:30, Monday to Friday. Reception is open 9:00-16:30.

Contact the Counselling and Mental Health Service