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Best UK Universities 2021: student reviews place us 14th


Graduation student throwing mortar boards into the air towards the camera

Bradford ranked among best in country by students

Thanks to positive feedback from students we have been awarded #14 Best UK Universities 2021 and #20 Best Universities for Personal Tutor, at the StudentCrowd 2021 UK University Awards.

Announced today (29 July) the independent awards are the only ones for UK universities that are 100% based on real students’ feedback. StudentCrowd analysed 19,323 student reviews to select the top universities across 11 different categories.

Winners are selected purely on their average review score over the 24-month period from July 2019 to July 2021. The average review scores are across university, course and accommodation review categories.

Ailie Ferrari, Associate Director Advertising, Marketing and Student Insight, said: “We are delighted to have won these two awards based on the real and very positive experiences of our students, who value our University community and the personalised support they receive from academics.

"At the University of Bradford we listen really closely to feedback from our students and that’s why we are pleased to offer a return to the campus experience for all our students from September 2021.”

#14 Best UK Universities 2021

The University of Bradford is one of the most socially inclusive universities in the UK, and prides itself on its supportive and diverse community. It was ranked #1 for improving students’ life chances in the recent English Social Mobility Index, and 76% of University of Bradford graduates entering employment were employed in professional or managerial level roles six months after leaving university.

It is based on a self-contained campus just five minutes away from Bradford city centre. Campus offers everything you’ll need throughout your time as a student –including outstanding study facilities and social spaces, a 24/7 library, and the Unique Fitness and Lifestyle sports centre.

The University offers a comprehensive range of support services to ensure its students are able to make the most of their time at Bradford, both academically and personally.

Bradford is consistently rated as one of the most affordable cities in the UK to live and study. It is a vibrant, diverse student city with lots to discover, and plenty more right on the doorstep.

#20 Best Universities for Personal Tutor

The University of Bradford supports its students at every step of their journey, working hard to remove barriers to success and enable people to reach their true potential.

Its Personal Academic Tutor (PAT) system is at the heart of this. Every student has a PAT who acts as their mentor and advocate, and works to support their development. They are generally the first person students speak to if they need help or advice, and can connect students to the University’s specialist teams if additional support is needed.

It is still possible to apply for September 2021 entry and Clearing is open now.