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Bradford Professor plays important role in efforts to address oil pollution in Nigeria


Professor Engobo Emeseh, Head of the School of Law at the University of Bradford, has been in Nigeria as part of a high profile group investigating oil spills and the damage they create.

Engobo is one of eight members of the Bayelsa State Oil and Environment Commission which is chaired by the Archbishop of York, John Sentamu. This Commission investigates the human and environmental impact of multinational oil company activity and is crucial to the prosperous future of the people of Bayelsa and their environment, Nigeria and hopefully to other oil-producing nations.

The aim of the Commission is to develop a set of informed recommendations that lead to the development of a new legal framework that ensures accountability and an action plan for a healthy environment. It does this by ensuring appropriate clean-up and remediation of impacted sites, and that host communities receive sufficient compensation for the impacts of environmental pollution and degradation, and reap the benefits from the production of oil within their communities.

Professor Emeseh said: “'It is an honour to be part of the Commission alongside some outstanding individuals and I am hopeful that our work will contribute towards making some positive changes to what has been an intractable problem in the Niger Delta. “

The commission visited oil-spill sites from March 27-29 to take testimonies from affected residents. It will publish a report of its findings later this year and make recommendations that will lead to the development of a new legal framework that ensures accountability for oil companies operating in the state.