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Awards 'great incentive' for Accounting and Finance prize winners


Excellent academic performance by two Accounting and Finance students has been recognised by leading accountants.

Best performing first year student Nabeel Rathoer won the West Yorkshire Society of Chartered Accountants (WYSCA) Prize, while Farooq Arshad won the second year prize, sponsored by accounting firm RSM.

Programme leader Dr Helena Pinto said: "The prizes demonstrate how highly accounting firms rate our Accounting and Finance degree and our students."

The students were the guests of honour at a celebratory lunch, along with , interim Dean of the Faculty of Management and Law, Tim Parr, representing WYSCA and RSM, , and , the Head of the Accounting, Finance and Economics group at the School of Management.

'Great honour'

Farooq said: "The prize for the Best Performer in Accounting and Finance Stage 2 was a great achievement for me as I had won it before as well in Stage 1.

"The award is a great incentive and motivates me to study hard and achieve even better grades at the end of my final BSc degree.

"I hope more students are encouraged through this award every year and perform excellently."

Nabeel said: "It was a great honour to receive the prize.

"The appreciation and recognition has boosted my morale and made those long difficult periods worthwhile.

"To know my dedication allowed me to receive such an award is amazing. I wouldn't have been able to achieve this without my peers, so thank you to them.

"Hopefully, the success will follow for many years and more prizes will have my name on it."

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