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£310,000 boost for student-led Bradford community project


A University of Bradford-based project has received a major cash boost to deliver benefits for students and the city's disabled communities.

Cycling 4 All has secured £310,424 from the Reaching Communities Lottery Fund for a project called Choices 4 All. This is the evolution of Cycling 4 All which was launched at the University of Bradford Union (UBU) of Students to provide disabled students with opportunities to get involved in sport and activities across the university.

The project aims to harness the skills, enthusiasm and experiences of students to deliver high quality volunteering opportunities to community groups and schools in the region, introducing disabled people to new sports, activities and social networks.

Students will be provided with the tools and training required to deliver inclusive sessions at schools and community groups across Bradford. Activities offered will vary depending on student interest and on the requirements of the community but can involve sports, arts, media and skills training.

Students will co-produce activities with community groups as well as delivering train the trainer initiatives, creating pockets of community leaders and young people who can offer sessions to their peers.

The aim is to improve health and wellbeing, reduce isolation among disabled people and provide skills to community groups to promote active lifestyles to disabled people. The grant will enable the three-year project to employ a community development worker to work alongside the project manager to deliver the programme.

Choices 4 All has developed from Cycling 4 All, which has enabled students at the University of Bradford to get involved in sport and activities, enhancing the way that disabled students experience university.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor Professor Bill McCarthy said: “This is great news for the University and the city. The funding will enable our students to broaden their volunteering and leadership activities, engage with the wider community and bring new experiences to disabled people throughout Bradford and the wider region. It’s a wonderful example of the University and its students working in partnership with our communities and other organisations to make a real impact.”