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University Network praised for promoting disability equality


A University of Bradford network for promoting disability equality has been named Network Leader of the Year.

The group, n-able, received the award at the Inclusive Networks awards ceremony in Manchester, where the network leaders Gill Cockburn and Cath Rose were celebrated for the time and passion they dedicate to ensuring that disabled staff issues are firmly on the University’s agenda.

N-able was founded in 2006 and meets four times a year in an informal setting to discuss issues, initiatives and support on a range of disability matters and organise social activities. It is open to staff who are disabled or have an interest in disability issues.

The group aims to:

  • Raise awareness of disability
  • Discuss and address common issues or problems
  • Provide mutual support
  • Share knowledge
  • Provide a voice for disabled staff.

Gill said: “We want to ensure that disability is celebrated, and work towards achieving an inclusive experience on campus. The strategic work of n-able feeds into the Equality and Diversity Committee and we work closely alongside other staff networks. We have achieved a great deal working alongside the University and we feel very honoured to have received this award.”

The group organises annual events to raise awareness and celebrate disability, taking every opportunity to talk about the network and raise awareness across the University. The group is integral in the University’s commitment to addressing any disability issues.

For more information visit the n-able webpages

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