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Bradford Pharmacy students equipped with dementia care skills


Pharmacy students at the University of Bradford will lead the way in improving dementia care thanks to a pioneering addition to their course.

The course will enable students studying at Bradford to go into the community with vital skills in the care of people living with dementia and their friends and family.

The updated modules will emphasise the importance of adopting the perspective and experience of those directly affected by dementia – people living with dementia and their family members.

, Head of Bradford School of Pharmacy said: “We believe we are the first pharmacy course in the UK to provide its students with these additional skills. We want our students to go out into the community and lead the way in dementia care and awareness.”

“By working with colleagues in the School of Dementia, we have been able to incorporate specific modules into our current pharmacy courses to equip our graduates with important skills in dementia care.”

, Chair in Dementia Studies, said: “Through collaborative working across the University, we have been successful in sharing best practice in person-centred dementia care with as many students as possible and in turn, create graduates who can make a positive difference to those living with dementia.”

All MPharm students will meet level 1 of the dementia framework and will have an opportunity to further their training around dementia awareness and become a ‘Dementia Friend,’ as well as the opportunity to explore dementia further through selected assignments.

98% of Bradford’s 2014 pharmacy graduates have gone on to further study or found employment within six months of graduating, with competitive starting salaries.

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