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Modern Languages Class of 1965-69 Reunion


Members of the Modern Languages class of 1965-69 returned to campus to reminisce and reflect on almost 50 years since they graduated as one of the earliest groups of Bradford alumni.

The following account of the reunion was provided by a member of the class:

So, what was special about 1965? Well, The Race Relations Act came into force, Churchill died, The Beatles took the USA by storm, Great Train robber Ronnie Biggs sensationally escaped from jail and JK Rowling, David Miliband and Sam Mendes were all born. The World had still not seen a man land on the moon, mini-skirts take over fashion or even the invention of the first electronic calculator – let alone the PC, mobile phone or the Internet, but it was still an exciting new world for a small group of teenagers who arrived in Bradford to start their 4 year course in Modern Languages.

Now 50 years later some of those students returned to Bradford on October 6th to relive those days and renew acquaintances. Such was the enthusiasm for the reunion that several drove from their homes in France and Luxemburg to be there and all were clearly delighted to be joined by two faculty members at the time – Chasser Jessop and Professor Arthur Williams (who went on to head the Modern Languages Faculty).

Talking to the group it was clear that they strongly hold that their time in Bradford had provided a solid foundation for their success – some in the academic and others in the business world. Three of the couples there had actually met their future partners in Bradford so the impact on their lives was huge on both the personal and career level.

The University, understanding the value of an Alumni network, stepped in to provide an extensive tour of the campus and the group was clearly in awe of the present day extensive student facilities. Graham Roberts from the group summed it up “We are all deeply grateful for the wonderful kick-start and foundation University of Bradford provided for our careers and personal development. It is clear from the recent massive investment in student facilities and courses that the University is highly focused and well equipped to provide students with the best tools and environment to prepare them for today’s competitive world. I hope they appreciate what they have here and grab the opportunity with both hands”

Modern Languages class of 1965-69 reunion Oct 2015

From left to right

Back row: Andrew Milman, Christopher Hull, Patricia Lain

Middle row: Allen Cooper, Mike Kennedy, Graham Brailsford, Graham Roberts, Liz Wainwright, Glenys Kennedy , Rosina Jones, Glyn Wainwright (Chemistry)

Front row: Albert Clack, Arthur Williams, Chasser Jessop

Other alumni not featured in the photo that attended the reunion included Tony Jones (BSc Business Studies, 1968-71) and Judy Westerdale.

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