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Don't wait, plan ahead! The message from Bradford this summer


The University of Bradford is encouraging everyone waiting for exam results before going to university this summer to be a 'perfect Phoebe' and plan ahead.

In a video, created using plastic brick characters, the University explains to students how they should best prepare for results day on August 13.

The video stars Ollie, Phoebe and Adam who, last year, all had very different summers. Ollie completed a BTEC so picked up his results in June. Because he knew what his results were earlier, he then rang the University of Bradford and was offered a place straight away. Phoebe also planned ahead, just in case she didn’t quite make the grades she wanted. She visited the universities she liked and had a plan in place for results day. Unlike Phoebe, however, Adam wasn’t prepared at all and had a very stressful results day, spending it worrying and panicking about what he was going to do and if he would ever get a place at a university.

All had different summers but their advice is very clear: Good things come to those who don't wait. Just a bit of planning before results day can help, no matter what the outcome

Claire Pryke, Head of Admissions, UK & Eire Student Recruitment & Outreach at the University of Bradford, said: “Each year, universities up and down the country encourage students to give them a call on results day, but by results day students are panicking and unclear of what direction to go in.

“We know this is an incredibly stressful time for students and with a little bit of careful planning in advance they can have a plan in place that could make August 13 a better experience for themselves. Equally, BTEC students now have their results and often they will wait until results day to speak to a university. They can call universities now. That’s what Ollie tells us in the video, and he spent results day on holiday debating whether to swim in the sea, or the pool.”

For more information visit or call 0300 004 0339 and remember don’t wait, plan ahead!

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