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Postgraduate Research Degrees


PhD can be a life changing experience ¿ it can make you a different person ¿ hopefully more analytical, confident and secure in knowledge and able to think through complex problems. Ten of our staff members who have a PhD believe in the value of a PhD and are here to facilitate you. Our unique strength is that apart from academic recognition, many amongst our staff members also have had considerable experience of practice and policy making and delivery in the field.

Two of our staff members previously held the positions of ‘research director’ in international development research institutes. Another staff member had spent 6 years working in an advisory capacity with the Ministry of Agriculture in an African country and yet another staff member led an international team in the writing of a national human development report in an Asian country. Many of our staff members publish quite regularly- many have published books and journal articles. Many of them are also refereeing papers for top rated journals such as World Development, European Journal of Development Research, Journal of Development Studies and so on. When you join here as a PhD student, you will be joining this rich and diverse environment where individuals are close to the frontier of knowledge of their own discipline and professional practice.

A number of candidates have successfully defended their thesis and earned the coveted letters of Dr to their name during the last 12 months. These include among others:

  • Anton Sabella is a lecturer at the Bridget University, Palestine. He has just recently completed his PhD in the field of middle and senior management Development, in the Telecommunication Industry in Palestine. He will graduate in July 2013.
  • Waheed Akthar, from Pakistan, researched the topic “Understanding madrassah education and its impacts”. He has successfully completed his PhD in November 2012 and is presently a visiting research scholar in Australia.
  • Ibrahim Bakare, from Nigeria, completed his PhD research on the topic of “Governance, poverty and natural resource management”. He is presently working on developing publications and on further research.

Current areas of research and PhD supervision include:

  • Economic growth, development
  • Human development, the environment and social justice
  • Human and organisational Capacity Building
  • International trade and economic development
  • Institutions and institutional change including new institutional economics
  • Leadership in difficult contexts
  • Migration and remittances
  • New philanthropy and third sector
  • Public policy and strategic management in the public sector
  • SME and microfinance
  • The role of good governance and accountability in improving development performance

If you have a topic and want to find out if that fits in with our expertise, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. PhD is a significant commitment of your time and done properly can be immensely valuable to your career and development. Our aim is to facilitate your development while at the same time advancing knowledge.

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