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Master Student Spotlight


Prior to this year's graduation ceremony our graduate Marijke Synhaeve (MA in International Development Management) looks back

November 2013

It’s been over a year now since I moved to Bradford to study International Development Management and there is no other word than ‘fantastic’ to describe the impact of this Postgraduate programme on my personal and working life.

As a cultural anthropologist with primarily theoretical knowledge I was looking for applicable Management knowledge and tools combined with in-depth theoretical knowledge on the current state of affairs in the field of International Cooperation. I was one of the youngest Postgraduate students and I wanted to be challenged. I was challenged, thanks to a group of passionate lecturers and highly motivated colleague-students with different levels of work experience in a variety of organisations, institutions and ministries. My colleague-students sharing their experiences ‘from the ground’ taught me more than I could ever have learned by reading books. After finishing my dissertation, I started my own business in project management. The business made a jump-start which is largely because of the knowledge, skills and self-confidence I gained during my postgraduate training and the network I was able to build.

Apart from the positive points mentioned before, the most important thing is that I had a fantastic time. It was one year of fun: long discussions, Bradford night-life, beautiful national parks on day-trip distance, several excursions to UK cities and villages, and having the luxury of being surrounded by remarkable new friends.

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