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Master Student Spotlight


Our MA-student profile: Mohamed Alomran, 2012-2013, MSc Project Planning and Management

My name is Mohamed. I'm 25 years old from Bahrain. I have graduated from the University of Bradford as a Software Engineer. I'm currently enrolled in BCID in MSc Project Planning and Management.

After an unsuccessful year of searching for a job after my undergraduate degree, I decided to do a master degree to boost my chance for a decent job. My main target was to do something related to business to have more opportunities other than IT jobs. My final year project's supervisor advised me to apply to SSIS (School of Social and International Studies) as they do have some courses in managerial field.

BCID was not what I wanted or expected, however, it was better. The course and BCID in general, opened my mind to the development world which I did not know much about. I realised it was much more important and relevant to where I come from than what I wanted in the first place. I gained a lot of knowledge and skills specially in dealing and communicating with other students in a group work, who are from different parts of the world, with different perspectives, cultures and ways of thinking. I also learned how to do research & criticise in a high academic level and work on a simulation project which made me feel how a project runs in real life.

Overall, Bradford study experience was useful and worth taking. Studying in a British academic system with lots of academic activities, conferences, guest lecturers and seminars, makes students learn more than what they have expected at the beginning.

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