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Your Wellbeing

Wellbeing is not about an absence of illness, disease or disability, but about thinking constructively, feeling positive and coping well with the resources we have.  It is about being the best version of ourselves, whatever circumstances we find ourselves in.  

As one of the most diverse universities in the UK, we celebrate the differences and similarities of all our students and staff. We are dedicated to welcoming and supporting your success, regardless of your background, identity, beliefs or challenges. 

To help you to be the best version of yourself, and to make the most of your time as a higher education student, there are three aspects of wellbeing for you to consider to help you prepare for your journey into higher education: Mental & Emotional Wellbeing, Physical Wellbeing and Social Wellbeing.

Where to go for more information and support

Your next steps

Think about your emotional, mental, physical and social health and try to evaluate where you are now, what good habits do you currently have that support your wellbeing and what new steps might you start to take? Some questions you might like to consider are:

  • How physically active are you?
  • How much sleep do you regularly get?
  • How healthy is your diet?
  • How healthy is your use of drugs or alcohol?
  • How well connected do you feel?
  • How easy it is for you to meet new people and make new friends?
  • How can the opportunities offered at the University and City of Bradford nurture your social wellbeing?
  • Do you know any people coming here?
  • Will you be coming from far away?
  • How are you planning to stay in contact with the important people in your life?