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Library news

Changes to library services this autumn

We are happy to announce that this autumn will see the return of the following services:

  • Full access to the library shelves for browsing and borrowing from Mon 23 Aug (the Click and Collect service will close for new requests on Fri 27 Aug).
  • Phased reopening of our Library counter from Wed 1 Sep.
  • On-campus appointments with our subject support librarians will be available to book again from Mon 6 Sep.
  • No need to book study spaces from 20 Sep.
  • Floor 01 closed for a week to get ready for start of term - week commencing 20 Sep.
  • 24/7 opening from 27 Sep.

Further announcements will be made throughout September and October.


Broaden Bradford's Books

Your University Library supports University of Bradford’s decolonisation strategy and is committed to provision of inclusive and diverse collections. Broaden Bradford’s Books is an initiative for our staff and students to help us with our aim to increase the diversity of our library collections. For example, broadening the range of books in our Library to support a more diverse curriculum, improving the representation of research from the Global South, and, increasing the range of books by and about LGBT+ people. We also welcome suggestions to include in the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Resource bank which the library has started to develop to support the University’s EDI work.

Please complete the form with any suggestions you have. All suggestions will be reviewed by our Subject Librarian team. Books may be purchased in eBook or print format.

Thank you!

University of Bradford Library Team

New library calm space

We have a new space in the library where you can turn off your phone, relax and recharge.

The area provides:

  • A quiet space for you to switch off and take a relaxing break from your studies.
  • A reading for pleasure book exchange.
  • Wellbeing books chosen by staff and students.

There are noise cancelling headphones available to borrow from the library counter for you to listen to white noise/calming apps in this space.

You may also be interested in our wellbeing reading list.

New Library Help service

Library Help is our new tool to assist you in getting answers to the most commonly asked questions about our library services.

Library support to get reading lists ready for 21/22

eResources and online reading lists have proved invaluable to students studying away from campus over the last 15 months. Online reading lists are now available for 75% of university modules and the Library is asking for your help in ensuring online reading lists are in place for the remaining 25%, ready for next academic year.

Mon 2 Aug is the deadline for semester 1 reading lists to be put in for review. This deadline is 8 weeks before the start of term to give the Library time to:

  • check your list
  • buy books not already in stock
  • check sufficient copies of print books are in stock for the number of students
  • check for new editions
  • source the best licenses for eBooks
  • source alternative formats where needed by students

Put your list into review by clicking on the Review and Publish button at the top of your reading list. This sends it to the library for checking and buying books.

Available support from the Library

  • Please reserve a place for a 30 minute webinar “Beginner’s guide to setting up your online reading list.” Running throughout June – August, these webinars are also suitable for anyone wanting a detailed reminder of how to set up a list or edit an existing list. 
  • Get 1:1 support from your subject librarian with any questions you have about using the reading list software or getting hold of resources.
  • Follow our Quick guide to online reading lists which guides you through all the steps to setting up a reading list or watch our 15 minute webinar on editing reading lists


SensusAccess is a service that allows you to automatically convert files such as Word documents, PowerPoints and even images or scans of documents into a range of accessible formats such as MP3s and audio books. You can submit files 24/7/365 and receive the conversion in the format of your choice, usually in under an hour. Although primarily a service for those who find reading the printed word challenging it can also be a powerful tool in rendering your teaching material accessible to a wider audience: for instance you could convert your PowerPoints into audio with very little effort.

Those using SensusAccess must comply with copyright law for published material, but with your own teaching material the copyright belongs to you and the institution so this is not a problem.

You can find and use SensusAccess here

For more information, SensusAccess' own e-learning material is here or a short introductory video is available.  

If you have any questions about SensusAccess please email


New library performance webpage and customer charter

You are now able to view our new library performance webpage and customer charter.

Please note that due to having to pare back some of our services during the Covid-19 pandemic, some data for our service standards table was either not possible to gather or not yet available.

We want your views on both our service standards and the customer charter. Please let us know your thoughts via our feedback form.