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Newspaper Licensing Agency

The University holds a license to do occasional copying and scanning from UK national newspapers and up to 200 specialist publications. The license also covers copying and scanning from the Wall Street Journal - Europe edition.

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What does the NLA license cover?

The license covers the major UK national papers (not regional) including:

  • Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday.
  • Daily Star.
  • Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph.
  • Evening Standard.
  • Express and Express on Sunday.
  • Financial Times.
  • Guardian.
  • Independent and Independent on Sunday.
  • Mirror and Sunday Mirror.
  • Observer.
  • Sun.
  • The Times and Sunday Times.

License details

Staff may do the following with a given newspaper article:

  • Provide up to 250 printed copies to students from a UK national or specialist publication - whether from print or online edition.
  • Provide online access on Canvas to students in your module for a period of 28 days.

All copies must carry the following note:

"With permission, copied from title of newspaper dated dd/mm/yyyy".

What the NLA license does NOT permit:

  • Reproduction of photographs and advertisements that appear in or alongside a newspaper article (cover these up prior to copying or scanning).
  • Article content may not be adapted.
  • Articles in Canvas may not be retained indefinitely. The permitted period is 28 days. NB! This period may be extended automatically with a subsequent 28-day period after take-down and reload.
  • Copying/scanning from foreign titles except Wall Street Journal - Europe. Permission must be sought from publisher to copy/scan from other titles.

Contact for queries on the NLA license or visit the NLA website.