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Emergency COVID-19 Hardship Appeal

The University of Bradford has launched an Emergency COVID-19 Hardship Appeal to support students who are struggling to pay for essentials as a result of the pandemic.

Students are increasingly unable to cover the costs of basic living needs such as rent, food, and heating for their homes.

The donations and support of staff, alumni, and friends will help struggling students get through these difficult times and continue their education.

Total raised for our students so far: £31,748.33 (last updated 14th May 2021).

Thank you to all of our donors.

Why are our students facing increased hardship?

Many of our students rely on family support and part-time work to ensure they are financially stable.

With two national lockdowns and the restrictions imposed by the government's tier system, many job opportunities have been taken away. Our students and their families are being impacted.

Our students tell us they are increasingly struggling to cover basic living needs such as rent, food, and heating for their homes.

A student walking in the rain holding a small red box and pulling luggage.

Which students are most affected?

The University of Bradford is proud to provide opportunities that are denied to so many elsewhere:

  • More than half of our students come from the four poorest socio-economic groups
  • Two-thirds of our students come from families where their parents did not attend university
  • 40% of our students are adult learners, studying a degree many years after leaving school

Sadly, these are the students most likely to be placed under immense financial strain at this time. They are more reliant on part-time work and less able to rely on family support to cover living expenses.

Several students walking up the hill towards Richmond Building, with a bright sun in the sky.

Testimonials from our students

A message from the Vice-Chancellor

"At the University of Bradford, we recognise that we are living in unprecedented times, but we will not allow the COVID-19 pandemic to jeopardise our students' learning and their futures.

Unemployment and poverty in Bradford has risen drastically since March. This is having a direct impact on our students, many of whom depend on part-time work to cover the cost of basic needs like food and accommodation for themselves and their families.

As lockdowns and tiered restrictions continue to affect the city and region, we are responding by launching this appeal to enable students who are facing financial hardship get the support they need.

I encourage you to support our students and their families by making a gift to our Emergency COVID-19 Hardship Appeal."

Professor Shirley Congdon, Vice-Chancellor

Head and shoulders profile image of Shirley Congdon smiling at the camera.

Donate to our Emergency COVID-19 Hardship Appeal