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50th anniversary scholarships

Enabling talented students from all backgrounds to succeed. 

Did your university education influence your career or create a strong platform for other successes in your life? Could you support students from all background to follow in your footsteps and achieve their educational aspirations?

As part of the University of Bradford’s 50th Anniversary we launched an appeal to raise funds for UK based foundation, undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships for those most in need to access Higher Education.


Higher education and access to it is one of the foundation stones of our future. Harold Wilson - former Prime Minister and our first Chancellor

Who will benefit from the scholarships?

Foundation, undergraduate and postgraduate students:

  • who would struggle to access higher education due to their financial circumstances
  • who have a proven track record of academic excellence
  • who have the best potential to succeed

Why give to the scholarship fund?

Our students play an important role in the development of sustainable societies - your support will enable outstanding students in most need to commence or to continue their studies at a world-leading technology university and pave the way for them to become the leaders of tomorrow.

This is an opportunity for you to ensure the University you take pride in remains strong for decades to come.

Over the last 50 years Bradford has sustained its reputation in producing high quality graduates that go on to make an impact in the world.

Many of our students are the first from their family to attend University and come from financially disadvantaged backgrounds.

Scholarships are an important source of support and can help these students to overcome financial challenges and fulfil their potential.

Whether you are a current or former member of staff, a member of our alumni community, an honorary graduate, an associate or friend of the University, your financial gift will make a real difference to students who have the potential to create change in their lives and that of society.

How to give?

Your gift can be a one-off donation, or you could give regularly over a period of time.

  • You could organise an event that will raise funds or you could help the University to connect with someone who could make a significant gift.
  • You will have the opportunity to be part of the selection process and meet the recipient or to remain anonymous.
  • Tax deductions – any gift you make to the University will be offset against your income tax.

To discuss how you can give to the 50 scholarships in our 50th year please contact the Development Team on +44 (0)1274 235179 or